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Crochet Baby Block!

How would you like to learn to make this cute Baby Block??  It's not very hard to make and cost less than a skein of yarn! I made this with left over yarn that is no longer being sold. I used a novelty yarn and a strand of Loops and Thread 4 ply so my stitches were easy to see! This project is a great way to tryout novelty yarn!  This project is dedicated to my co-workers grandson who is battling Osteogenesis Imperfecta ( Brittle Bone Disease)!. It's super soft and easy for all babies and toddlers to play with! Try making enough blocks to spell out a little ones name, numbers, the whole alphabet, the sky is the limit. You can also to holiday themed table center pieces. Let your inner chiq shine! Don't forget to share your ideas and photos! Okay now lets get onto HOW we make these! First lets discuss what you will need: Yarn: this is cute with baby yarn, novelty yarn ( washable only, babies can be very messy) or any washable 4ply. I would stay away from your thicker

Make up, crochet hook, bottle holder, whatever you want, Clutch

Wow, Can I start out by saying thank you for all the view last month!!! We had over 90 views in one day!!! Alright lets get to my latest project! This is a very versatile project for any experience level crocheter. It can be done in just about any stitch including but not limited to , sc, hdc, dc, star stitch, basket weave, broom stick lace, shell, puff, zig zag, use your mind and bring out your own user CHIQ! This is made using a size N hook and Loops and Thread's Charmisa yarn in  Black Raspberry. It's lined with black felt. ( lining is optional) So what is the pattern?? It's sooooo easy are you ready?? Chain to the width you want, I will write the instructions for what I did. Ch 18 Row 1Dc in third ch from the hook, Dc in each chain until the end. Row 2- 17 chain 3 turn and DC in each chain until the end of each row. Row 18 ch1, sc ch1 sc in first space, sc, ch1, sc in each space until the end. weave in ends Line with felt, or any fabric. Fold and

Shell Stitch Scarf

Simple Shell Stitch Scarf Hey Everyone! Here is a simple scarf that looks a lot harder than it actually is!! I didn't use a pattern to make this I just played with the stitch until I had what I wanted. This pattern basically works as a multiple of 4 plus add however many you need to get to the next row. For example if you wanted your scarf to be 5  double crochet shells across you would do 20 plus 3 more for your first dc in the second row, Totaling  23. Here is the same type of scarf I just started in brown using a bigger hook (size J) and slightly wider. ( tip if you are a extra curvy chiq chick and want a way to look slimmer, a thicker scarf can do the trick) DC Shell Stitch Okay so you may be thinking wow thats pretty but ummm what is a shell stitch?? That my chiq friend is an easy one! All it is, is ( 2dc,ch1,2dc) sk4 repeat! Now lets explain it even more in case what I wrote above looks like another language! whatever is in the ( ) goes all in the same spac

Flip flops, new favorite yarns and LOTS of flat flowers

Hello Everyone!!! I have been very neglectful of this blog,sorry I will try to be on more often, let me show you what I have been up to!!!! I started teaching at 3 different Michael's Arts and Crafts ( The views and statements in this blog are MY OWN and DO NOT reflect or represent Micheal's Arts and Crafts in any way shape or form) ,  Long Beach, Orange and now Huntington Beach ( right by Bella Terra). If you are local come check out my classes, I have even designed 2 classes that are ONLY taught at these Michael's :) I am working on a third class based on the hat pattern I have on this blog, it's just a process of writing out the paperwork. Can I share how much I LOVE my job and how  lucky I feel to be able to crochet for 5-8 hours a day and actually help other crocheters while earn a little dough to support my darling little boys! Check out for pattern details, this isn't the exact pattern but Mikey is the amazing one who came up with this

How is Yarn made? Interview with Mallory Chapin whose homespun yarn I recently had the pleasure of working with.

Have you ever found incredible yarn and just wonder how it's made? What exactly is your average yarn made out of and how is it made? Did you know that the production of yarn was one of the first processes to be industrialized in America? I recently got my hands on some fun homespun yarn and had a chat with Mallory Chapin of Griffin Family Crafts. She is located in San Bernardino county, CA and spins from her home when she is not attending college, keeping house and taking care of her Darling 2 year old. I wanted to share with you all what I made with her yarn and a few questions I asked her...... This is an example of a spinning wheel many people use today, this one will cost you over $5,000! Tell us a little about yourself, What makes Mallory, Mallory? Yarn spun by Mallory Whether it's fiber arts or food, I have always loved being able to make things from scratch. If I had the space I would homestead, but for now I'll keep busy with hand-dying and spinning my own

Chic Flapper inspired hat!

I think it is funny now that I am strting to get out of the house more and since I am on a budget, I am comming up with more stuff! I had a night out on the beach last Sunday and I wanted something new and cute to wear... what's a girl to do??? I went through my yarn on Sunday around 1pm and found some yummy yarn by Charisma,  Here it is,default,pd.html Which I'd bought with my 40% off coupons at Michaels. BTW Joanns and Michaels normally honnor each otheres coupons so always make sure you have a few in your car :) You can google 40 or 50% off for which ever store you want and normally find coupons to print online as well as get them in the mail or in a newspaper! The color I used was Chocolate Cupcake, let me just say it made me want to break my diet just looking at it! Though to me it looks more like chocolate diped strawberries! Can anyone say FABULOUS!!! I orginally had bought the yarn to make a

What is Crochet Chiq?

So you maybe be asking yourself, what is Crochet Chiq? Isn't crochet something you see old ladys do? I have started this blog not only to share my own creations but other Chiq items. Crochet is a great and fun way to let your inner diva come out.  First I will start with a little bit about me, Hello everyone I'm Mary Kathryn. I am 25 and a proud mom of 2 wonderful boys under the age of 5. I just got a job teaching as a crochet instructor at a local Micheal's Arts and Crafts store. I also will start another job in the fall as a children's choir director.  I learned how to crochet about two year ago via youtube.comThe following are the two sites that taught me what I know. Mikey from the crochet crowd is an amazing resource in pretty much all areas of crochet and his stuff is always chiq and fabulous. you can find him @   Teresa is another great one to watch especially for cute crochet animals and hats. You can find her @