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What has Mary Kathryn (Crochet Chiq) been up to?

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for reading my blog!! A huge thanks to Teresa at the Crochet Geek or Art of Crochet by Teresa ( her blog is ) For sharing one of my blog entries! I have been pretty busy lately teaching crochet classes and believe it or not but that normally leaves me pretty uninspired to crochet anything non class related! It's hard to crochet 6 hours at a wack a few days in a row. But I love teaching so what is a girl to do? So let me show you a few of the things I have created. The first hat is red heart soft in sea foam green and done in the puff stitch. The second hat is in Caron's Simply Soft in Pink  is just a HDC beanie with a trim. The third Hat is Caron's Simply Soft in Black and a DC hat with teddy ears. The third hat is a DC hat. The last hat is made with Red heart Soft in Grey starts like a round granny and then a shell. I will be posting a pattern for this one. I think it would make a darling Easter hat

Simple and easy almost perfect Crochet heart

There are sooooo many crochet heart patterns out there, some are easy , so are hard and some make no sense. This is a quick one I came up with after searching and not finding what I wanted! Supplies needed: Yarn ( any ) and the hook that is suggested to use for that yarn ROUND 1 I'm using a size H and 4ply Caron Simply Soft Chain 6, 2hdc in 2nd ch from the hook, 1 hdc in next ch ( 3rd from hook) 5hdc in next ch. Hdc in next ch. 3hdc in last chain So right now you should have what looks like an upside down "V", this will be the bottom of the heart! Now we will continue around the other side or back side of the chain. HDC in next ch, sl st in next chain, hdc in next 3 chs. Sl st in first hdc. This ends round one. Round 2 ch 1, 2hdc in next 2 stitches, 1 Hdc in the next 4 stitches, 5hdc in the next stitch * this should make the point of the bottom of the heart see photo below 1HDC in the next 4 stitches, 2 hdc in the next stitches,Sl St in the next 2s

Frills and Femme Scarf pattern

I will have some better photos up this week :) How on earth do you make these cute scarfs from Redheart's Sashay yarn?? I've been told you can only KNIT them.... HA HA HA Not that I am anti Kniting, I teach a knitting class everyonce in a while ( When I have to!) but I have more hours invested in crochet so I like to stick with crochet, then looming, then knitting. So I haven't taken photos yet so bare with me they will be up sometime this week. First what supplies do you need? 1 ball of Sashay yarn ( only 4.99 at Michael's and you can use a coupon).... though some on my students like a longer and or fuller scarf then you need about 1.5 balls. A size I crochet hook ... though I have made them with a J, H or G , I think it looks best with the "I" though. Okay that's ALL we need to make these wonderful scarfs!! Oh and I wrote this pattern I teach that can be taken by people who have NEVER crocheted before, this pattern is easy!! To start