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Christmas spirit Scarf, This yarn and scarf makes me think of the holidays!

This scarf make me want to go out and sing carol with sipping warm apple cider! make it in other colors for other looks! It the white variation it looks sweet and delicate! What color will you make it in? This is a cute lacy scarf which is extremely quick and easy to make! I started with a foundation dc here are the instructions in case you need them I will say it over and over, the new yarns by "loops and thread" ( only at Michaels) are AMAZING!!!! This is Impeccable Glitter and is a firmer ( but still soft, just wont get fuzzy like other sparkle yarns)  I used a H hook and 1 ball of this fest yarn!  Row 1 - Start with a foundation Dc row of 13 ( if you would like a wider scarf just keep the number odd and you can add as many as you like) Row 2-turn ch2, 1dc in the first dc, skip 1, 2dc in the next, skip 1, 2 dc in the next,skip 1, 2dc in the next, skip 1 2dc in the next, skip 1,

How to crochet foundation Double crochet ( fdc) or a chainless start Step by step pictures

You can use any yarn and hook, this is a great way to start any  project that calls for a chain row and a dc row. ( esp. if your chain row is generally tight or loose) Chain 4 ( 3 for your first dc and one for the chain) yo (yarn over) insert your hook in the forth chain from the hook and pull through ( you should have 3 loops on your hook) yo and pull through the first loop, ( you have made the chain) * 3 loops on the hook* yo, pull through 2 loops, ( you have done the first half of your dc) *2 loops on the hook* yo and pull through the last 2 loops you now have 2 dc's  Continue with this pattern, *yo insert your hook in the chain from the last dc, pull through 1 loop, then do your dc as normal until you have the length you want!! This is my first row 

Basic instructions on how to make a crochet clock

Hello all! I am posting this from the blogger app on my phobe so forgive me if the layout is off. This is the basic guideline and pattern to make a crochet clock. I will do a more indepth one with pictures later this week and a video next week! I saw a cute clock last week on facebook and had to give it a try! I went with a arsy looking one using Jessie yarn but the next one I will make will have 4 ply :) When using novelty yarn make sure your clock hand have extra clearance so they don't get caught! The supplies I used was a thin wooden circle about the size I wanted my clock and I had the framing department make a small hole in the center so I could put the clock through it. I glued my crochet to the wood circle. I used the clock kit which is 7.99 there were also ones for 9.99. (All my supplies are from michaels arts and crafts). You also need glue and yarn plus embelishments such as buttons, gems, or crochet flowers. I used a basic circle pattern for the base. Make a magic

Aurora's 3 in 1 shawl,vest, shawlette free pattern

As I was coming up with this pattern I thought of my favorite Spinning princess who pricked her finger on spinning wheel and fell into a deep slumber. So it seemed only fitting to call this Aurora's Shawl. This Shawl is designed to be quick and GREAT for those who haven't tried lace yet!! I used Paton's lace and a size K hook.. Now if you are an expereinced crocheter you may be thinking I am out of my mind... I wasn't sure at first if it would work but I love the way it came out and I think it's great!!! Supplies, Crochet hook size K ( plastic ones are awesome because they are lighter than the metal ones!) ! ball or Paton's lace, or simulair yarn for the shawlette or 2 balls to continue with the pattern to make a full triangle shawl. I like my shawls to wrap around my body and I am what you would say is CURVY so feel free to reduce the size if you have a small frame this pattern is easy to reduce or enlarge because it is a multiple of 5 plus 3. *** Exa

Inspiralled Crochet hat A pattern designed for a Fiber Minds Crochet Along

Here is a tiny version I did!! Supplies Caron's simply soft g crochet hook 2dc = 2 double crochet in the same space dc2= double crochet in the next 2 spots Adult hat Follow rounds R1 - 12 dc ( ch counts as 1st dc) ( use a yarn marker if desired) R2 - 2dc in each R3 - 2dc, 1dc, repeat R4 - 2dc, 1 dc, 1dc, R5 - 2dc, 1dc, 1dc, 1dc repeat  ** to make this size work randomly work in 3 extra increases*** R 6- dc 4, skip 1, v stitch, skip 1 repeat   ( v stitch is dc, ch1, dc all in the same space) R7 - dc 3, skip 1 , make a shell in the first part of the V stitch, skip 2, repeat   R 8- dc 1, 2dc, dc1 skip 2, make a shell, skip 2, repeat ( shell is 2dc, chain1, 2 dc  all in the same space) R 9- dc 3, skip 2, shell, skip 2 repeat  repeat Row 9 until the desired length! For toddler hat pleas follow the video!   Look what The talented amazing Naztazia did! Source: via Mary on Pinterest

How to make a Chiq Crochet hook!

Hello all I was at a craft store and saw some cell phone "bling" and though hmmmm what would happen if I added that to the end of my hook? All you need are the sticky sheets of bling meant for cell phones of the self adhisive ones for crafting. I like the cell phone nes beacuse they are in strips and you can cute what you need and be done in a few minutes. This is what I came up with!! Trick Make sure you don't put the bling too low... Let your hook sit for a few hours so it sets and no fibers stick to the end!

Amazing Spectacular Spider Hat

Who doesn't love your friendly neighborhood Spiderman?? I know I do and my boys love him dearly!!! Here is a picture on my son last year in his spider hat!! Now I have many versions to do this including using surface slip stitch but this is my first attempt and my favorite! The cool thing about the way it is you can do this to ANY ( crochet , knit, and loomed) beanie as long as it'd solid like the one pictured and not lace. Just make most of the hat red and the bottom inch or so blue :) To start I will share my basic base hat ( if you want to make another type of hat scroll down for links ) Base Child Hat Pattern Supplies Red Yarn Blue Yarn Size J Hook For children's hats I use 2 strands to make them more sturdy! My boys love all of there character hats and I've found they last longer this way :) I get center pull skeins and pull from the center and out side, however you can use 2 balls too! Make a magic circle, Rd 1- ch 1 and 12 hdc in circle ( you

Melody the Monster!

Meet Melody, the friendly Piano playing monster. She sings and plays soft lullaby's to help children sleep instead of hiding under their beds! Pretty impressive since she had no fingers or arms and she always has a smile, even when 2 year old's scream they don't want to go to bed! Before I share the pattern I would like to share the inspiration behind the bold texture and colors!  Kathleen is a lovely and creative person I have had the pleasure to get to know on ........ FACEBOOK ( I am on here way to much... I could get some much more crochet done if i lost my computer for a week! How about you do you lose crochet time to facebook) She is the creator of Aunty K 's Guyz and they are sooo much fun!! Here is an article about her on favcrafts blog ( don't you LOVE them?)  FaveCraftBlog Can you say wow? which is your favorite? Kathleen inspired me to create quite a few things but lets start with the pattern for Melody I worked in the round and did not join , us

Chiq Hooker Clutch ~ a clutch for your hooks, needles, knooks and other notions

How yummy is this??? I must give the credit of this pattern to the yarn it just spoke to me! Hello my lovely readers!! I want to start by telling you how much I LOVE your support and kindness! I am blown away by how many people from how many countries read Crochet Chiq!!! Supplies: 1 ball Loops and Thread's Woodlands yarn or any 2 ply ( fine) weight yarn! Tip 2 strands of Paton's lace looks great too!! ( Want a bigger one? feel free to use any weight and hook you want ) Size G crochet hook Yes that is my arm!!!! I love the size of this! This is an advances beginner project, meaning most will find this easy but don't choose until your stitches are consistent. Most crocheters can do this in an evening ( however if it takes you longer DON'T worry we have all be there!! When I was learning I remember I had to always pausing how to videos so I could catch up and what took others a few hours took days and sometimes weeks because of frogging!!!  ( frogging is the