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Christmas in JULY

I didn't want to over load you with Christmas at the beginning of the month so I decided to do it on the last day!!!  Here is a round up of my Christmas patterns and in august I will start adding 2 a month until December including patterns for Hanukkah!  IS there a Holiday theme or gift pattern you would like to see?? Comment below and let me know!!! Click here for pattern The Christmas spirit scarf is a popular pattern all year long and looks great in any color! It is a reader favorite at  AllFreeHolidayCrafts Click here for the pattern This was a popular craft class when I taught at Michaels, its great for all ages and a fun quick cheap way to decorate! They make great table toppers! Click here for the free pattern Go traditional or use a modern theme and make these adorable ornaments! They are quick and simple! click here for pattern Use a toilet paper roll to help this easy pattern keep it's shape! click here for the pattern This was my mo

How to upscale your thread coasters

supplies: thread motifs or granny square or crochet thread and steel needle to make one mod podge tile ( found in home improvement stores) optional acrylic sealer  spray ( protects your crochet against spills) To make the square in the photo : Aunt Lydia's  fashion thread by coats and clark in 2 colors steel hook Make a magic circle ( dont forget to knot) or chain 4 and sl In color A Round 1 ch3, 2dc,ch2,3dc,ch2,3dc,ch2,3dc,ch2 sl to beginning ch3 In color B Round 2 sl to ch2, ch3 ( in ch2 sp) 2dc,ch2,3dc, ch1,, *in next ch2, 3dc,ch2,3dc,ch1* repeat 2                                 more times sl to beginning ch3. In color A Round 3 sl to ch2 ch3,2dc,ch2,3dc,ch1, in ch1 space dc3, ch1, *in ch2 sp, 3dc,2ch,3dc,ch1, in                                   ch1 sp, 3dc,ch1* repeat 2 more times sli to beginning ch3 In color B Round 4  sl to ch2 ch3,2dc,ch2,3dc,ch1, in ch1 space dc3, ch1, in next ch 1 space dc3, ch1,**in                                ch2 sp, 3dc,2c

How much yarn does your local yarn store carry?

This is super cool! I found this video about knitting with it on youtube  Also after searching it looks Like Red Heart and a few other brands are coming out with similar "yarns" My grandma asked If I wanted to go to the big joanns a few cities over and heheh you never have to twist my arm to go to a craft store. My local joanns has 1 and a half isles of yarn so I am not a big joanns shopper when it comes to yarn... However I had to start taking pictures when I got to the one in Buena Park I really love the vanna's glamour

Crochet Steam Punk Necklace pattern

I started playing with wire a few years ago before my blog and while I was going through old photos I found this fun project and I wanted to share with everyone how easy this is to make! Supplies: NON WOOD crochet hook size I ( the wire can and pretty fancy hooks don't mix) 1 spool of copper wire any gauge you desire however stick to 18-28 gauge findings, I used a lobster clasp but and will do Gear charms *optional Blow torch, I used a mini one from my creme brulee kit. I found everything at my local craft store in the jewelry section 3 in 1 jewelry tool * however my my first few I used sharp scissors and needle nose pliers * They now have these kits which are cool   to use instead. put about half of you gears in a random order on your wire, randomly pull one up as you chain. I pulled one up about every other chain except for the first and last 4 chains start by making a slip knot leave about 6-8 inches before the slip knot * this will feel awkward now chain  24

Crochet Awareness Ribbon free how to video pattern

This pattern has no shaping like other ones I have seen so it is perfect for the beginner! It could be a great way to teach someone to crochet and help them bring awareness to a cause! My friend Ann Siggers ( you may have seen her watermelon twist afghan floating around online.. ) has a Christian facebook group and we as a group will be making these all year in between our other projects so we can give a bunch out during October for Breast Cancer awareness and next year we will most likely pick another cause! What cause are going to make yours for and why? Email me (  photo of your ribbon and who it represents and I will post it here for everyone to see. Here are some of the colors and their causes If I have left off one important to you please let me know and I will add it: PINK - Breast Cancer, less commonly know for Birth Parents and childhood cancers as a whole Yellow-   Support our Troops, Suicide, Bladder Cancer, ( a pale yellow)Spina Bifida, Endomet

Free Pattern on REDHEART designed by me and a new intro video!

Hello everyone just wanted to give you a link to my free pattern on RedHearts Website. Click here to see my pattern I am soo honored and excited to be published on the redheart website! Thank you soo much to everyone who has supported me! Also Check out my new intro video on my youtube!

America the Beautiful Bag Winner!!

WOW I am just TOUCHED by the emails and I really enjoyed helping some of you and getting know bit more about you!! I'm sorry I had to pick a winner at random because you all deserve to win but the winner is Patrica Gager!!! She emailed me back right away and loves her bag and has been using it since she made it!! I am have been using mine too!! It made a great toy bag for a recent vacation to palm desert for a family reunion and is prefect for a beach bag! Plus you know I had with me yesterday on the forth!!! Patrica went with the ever exciting $35 dollar giftcard!! Congrats!! What would you buy with a 35 dollar gift card?? Sooo I still have some breath taking yarn and yarn balls from Griffin Hanspund  so drum roll please!! I am going to list 3 names chosen at random the first one of those three to email me or tweet me wins the yarn!!! Michelle B Renee W Kathy M Check back tomorrow to see who won and see photos of everyone's bags!!