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YARN BOMB - the basic how to yarn bomb guide with out wasting yarn!

I love the idea of Yarn bombing but I hate the idea of the yarn going to waste after the event. I just made one for my son's school and I designed it in a way the all of it can easily be used for items to donate for charity when it's all taken down next week. Here I am installing the smaller of the 2 ribbons I used many shades to give it a fun look. This is made of 3 scarves and will be donated after so no yarn will be wasted! 

Breast Cancer Awareness

My dear friend Ann Siggers put together something amazing! She asked the ladies of her online christian CROCHET group to crochet pink ribbons so they can be donated to breast cancer centers to given out during this month. They all have been blocked and have pins attached.

How are you going to change your life force today?

She started her post saying she is no one really just a girl dealing with anxiety and depression.... How many on you reading this post have felt that way? Laura Pavy  of the Crochet Case who is a mom, and has a business talked the CWA into helping her yarn bomb a stretch of highway that sees lots of tourists four times a year and locals far more often. Above you can see a photo from a local paper in Australia  showing all the lovely ladies involved in this yarn bomb!


Have you heard that this Friday is I Love Yarn Day hashtag #iloveyarnday and see the cool things trending for this event! Stitch and Unwind will be giving away YARN so head over to  I Love Yarn Day  every day this week ( I have a post coming up later this week too!) to make sure you don't miss out on the fun! Yesterday a great yarn giveaway that is easy to enter was posted and today Jennifer of Fiber Flux   shared an adorable SHEEP ornament! Do you have any plans for I love yarn day? Comment below! I know I will be working on a yarn bomb I have coming up to bring awareness to red ribbon week!