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Crochet Tip Thursday

Reading patterns! Learning to read a pattern is almost like learning another language... A skill I thought I would never master! If you can't take a class in person it's a great idea to find a youtube tutorial that also has a pattern you can print ( most sites have a pdf or you can copy and paste into a word doc ) as you watch the tutorial look at what the pattern says and after a few projects if will not seem so daunting!! T he pattern for this video can be found here  You can find the Video and pattern here for A chiq Shell Scarf Crochet Chiq: Shell Stitch Scarf : Simple Shell Stitch Scarf Hey Everyone! Here is a simple scarf that looks a lot harder than it actually is!! I didn't use a pattern t... Also search on Yoube for Crochet Geek , The Crochet Crowd , Bobwilson123 , Bethintx1   Moogly and I know there are lots other out there that post videos and patterns! If you get stuck just ask for help :) How did you learn to read patterns or are you s

I'm Hooked!: Heart in Square I

This morning was all about Graphghans however I just came across this super cute Heart in a square free pattern! I wanted to share it with everyone! Anyone else like to do this type of crochet? I'm Hooked!: Heart in Square I : Materials: Worsted weight yarn Crochet hook size 5.00 mm (H) The square is approximately 10x10 inches Chain 39 Rnd 1: dc in the...

Meet Sarah Chapman a Graphghan Expert and learn about tapestry crochet

In my social media feeds I have noticed an increase in beautiful crochet blankets that are all sc and changes colors to make a picture! I have seen Disney characters, video games themes, symbols for everything from music, sports teams, to logos! I thought it would be fun to interview another woman in this industry whom is super sweet, successful and extremely talented in this area as well as other crochet types!  Here are some interesting facts about tapestry crochet (most tapestry crochet patterns use a graph, to make checkered, hearts and more intricate patterns, I have also seen it called color work, intarsia and knitting refers to it as fair isle ) * note that while they all use graphs some have different ways of changing colors or use sl and hdc in addition to all sc like graphghans do!  Did you know that Mayan men and women in Guatemala use crochet tapestry bags with cultural themes?  While trying to find more info on how graphs first started to be used I found this W

Blogger Tip Tuesday

NETWORK....Network.... NETWORK Meet other bloggers... If you are a facebooker check out  Check out this group  it's full of designers and blogger, wordpress and other platform users that are always willing to help another hooker out! Find other crocheters... Thats who you want to visit your site! Make friends don't just post links over and over because that can be annoying Reach out to directory sites like AFC  For a long time most of my views came from this site! They still account for a huge chunk of my views! Other great sites to google and get to know ( find them on twitter, facebook or the site itself) Crochet at Play Crochet pattern central Favecrafts The Yarn Box Ravelry If you have a good amount of post look and see which yarn brands you tend to use.. It never hurts to ask so try and contact them!

How do you organize your yarn?

I am starting to go through my yarn and I was wondering how everyone else likes to organize their yarn? I like to keep my brands separate and then I go by color! I also like to keep my more expensive yarns away from my value yarns that way when I go to design a project it's easier to figure out what I need and the cost! Comment below and let me know how you like to! 

Crochet Tip Thursday week 1 and free scarf pattern

For the first one I thought I would share the same basic tips I start all my crochet class with, for experienced crocheters you may already know this, don't worry I every week I will target a different level of crocheter. If you are a beginner you should stay clear of any textured yarn ( except maybe ruffle yarn as those scarves are a easy step into crocheting project click here for my easy pattern ) because it is hard to see your stitches. Learning a new craft is a more enjoyable experience if you take baby steps. So many students would show up in my beginner crochet class with baby sweater patterns and fun texture yarn twice as big as the pattern calls for! When I first started learning ( before I found Mikey and Teresa's videos ) I bought a boucle yarn and could not get it at all!!

Tips for my fellow bloggers out there!

Lets start with...... How do you like the look and feel of my site now?? According to Google Analytics ( no matter what platform you use try this out!) my site has less views however more people are clicking on adds and to bloggers clicking on adds is what helps us to continue to provide for a family while offering free patterns, advice and tips! The site also loads way faster! I loved the old format better however with this being more user friendly I think this is a good idea! I would love to know everyone's opinion, leave a comment below! I thought it would be fun for me to share a tip every Tuesday from bloggers and a tip every Thursday for crochet !  Subscribe so you don't miss out! 4 months ago I began meeting with a Life Coach and the topic I choose to focus on is CROCHET CHIQ! My life coach has no arts knowledge at all however she is extremely successful and is a great public speaker.  We meet once a month and she doesn't tell me what to do but asks me que

Back to Class Bag

in this photo there are 2 books and 4 balls of yarn in the bag *** A huge thank you to my followers!!The revenue from my adds on this blog and my youtube are paying for my books so a HUGE THANK YOU for helping me go back to school***** I am returning to college to finish my degree now that my boys are getting older, so I had to make a cute crochet bag that could hold a text book! Now I have been lining a lot of my projects lately and I need a sewing break! So I didn't line this bag however if you are rough or want to load your bag up with lots of books I recommend you line it with cotton or something stronger. The bag I made has about 8 pounds of books in it and it stretches but can hold about that weight for limited use such as going to class! This bag is perfect to be used to hold your projects, yarn, magazines, and other things all the time for heavy use! 4 ply yarn J / 6 mm hook  and H hook optional ribbon to weave in and out of the hdc ch1 spaces. I used Lion Br