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A Chiq Almost Floppy Hat for Grandma- a crochet almost floppy brimmed hat

Hello Everyone! For mother's day this year I made my grandma floppy hat that wasn't made from cotton but from soft yarn. If you would like a firmer brim go ahead and use cotton yarn :) supplies size F and J hook 4 ply yarn - your choice. _ I used redheart soft yarn Using size J -make a magic circle and use a yarn marker. R 1- 10 dc in the ring R 2- 2 dc in each R 3- 2dc in the first, 1 dc in the next *repeat pattern (2,1)* R 4-2 dc in the first, 1 dc in the next 3 * repeat pattern (2,1,1,1) R 5-11 1 dc in each (silp stitch at end of round for a clean seamless color change, I didn't however and just put the  Loopy flower  over it) with Black R 12 - 1 hdc in each stitch R 13 - 1 dc in each stitch  With White R 14 - 1 front post dc around each black dc R 15 - work 1 front post DC and one dc in each stitch.. [ we do this to increase the brim diameter, for a larger brim repeat this round only do this pattern ( 1 front post dc , 1 dc, 1 front pos

Ami... i do! Do you?

Hello everyone I know this isn't exactly chiq but I still love it!! I made....... Master Chief from Halo! I love this style and find its a fun break from bigger projects! Would you like to see ami pattern here too? Which ones would you like me to create? This pattern is comming soon but if you can't wait and want to purchase him follow the link to my store! Buy Halo online!

Advent Crochet Candle

Hello everyone! I was chosen as the AFCC  facebook fan of the week and in honor of that I will share my Advent crochet candle pattern with you because it's NEVER to early to start Christmas crafts right!! Last Christmas I hosted a table at the Woman's Advent dinner at my church, I went with a Crochet Christmas theme and I waited until the week before to start hahaha... Next time I will give myself more time and we will see how much more I can come up with! Supplies toilet paper roll or paper towel roll cut to size piece of white paper and tape Size G crochet hook I used holiday cotton yarn however that can be hard to find so you can also use two strands of redheart shimmer in white and two strands in red this is a picture of it with out white paper wrapped around the rol so you can kinda see the brown.. using white Start with a magic circle Rd 1-chain 1, make 6 hdc in the circle using a yarn marker don not join but crochet in a continual round Rd 2 1 hdc in eac

Crochet Flower Display - part 1 my idea

This is me! On my way to blog in a coffee shop! I generally like to get out of the house when I blog and it's a great excuse to have a yummy caffeinated beverage. However a lot of post are also written late at night after my children are fast asleep and I have finished everything else that needs to be done. Hello everyone!!! I am so excited to announce that I will be creating a display to enter into a county fair contest. My display will be 3ft tall and 4 ft wide and 2 ft deep!!! The theme is Home Sweet Home so I will be having a white picket fence made out of foam core board and I will be attaching crochet flowers and insect from around the world to it.  It will also have a crochet home sweet home sign! There are many other elements but this is my basic concept Check out THE AMAZING display Mikey and THE CROCHET CROWD did I was inspired by the lovely tree that Mikey @ the crochet crowd did. However I wanted to also do my own thing. To me when I think of the ideal home

Chiq Simple Flower

In honor of Mother's day I made a cute flower and stem that is easily adaptiable for many uses including, a bookmark, a head band, decoration on a garmet and many other things! What will you use this flower for? Comment below and send photos to First lets start with the flower Use whatever yarn you like and the smallest hook you can use so your stitches are tight. I used 4 ply ( loops and thread impeccable in cherry) with a size F hook make a magic circle round 1 ~ chain 5 ( counts as dc and ch 2) *dc, ch2* repeat for a total of 5 spokes ( dc) separated by ch2 spaces. sl into 3rd ch of the first st round 2 ~ ch1 sl st into the ch2 space. 5 dc into next dc ( it will be tight and may feel wrong at first) repeat until back at the begining. sl in chain 2 space, 5dc in each dc. That is our easy 2 round flower!! are you ready for the stem? I used a size F hook and left over bernat yarn chain 42 for a long stem Chain 30 for a shorter one Ch 4 ins

Giraffe cocoon

1 ball ( each)of Homespun (or 5 bulky yarn) in yellow and in brown size K hook notions of some kind, I used wooden beads, buttons also look cute. wide eye yarn needle The blanket underneath is a variation of this pattern by Teresa This project is started in the round  With yellow Make a magic circle Round 1 - 12 dc into circle and use a yarn marker Round 2 - 2 dc in each stitch around Round 3 - 1 dc in each Round 4 - 2 dc, then 1 dc repeat Round 5 - 1 dc in each Round 6 - 2 dc, then 1 dc, 1 dc,  repeat Round 7 - 1 dc in each Round 8 - 2 dc, then 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc,  repeat Round 9 - 2 dc, then 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc repeat * I quit the increases at this point beut depending on your gaguge and the size you want you may want a few more increase rounds Round 10- turn 1 dc in each Round 11-  turn 2 dc in first , 1 dc in rest * repeat until leangth is desired turning and at every round and doing an increase on even round only Last round - Do an hdc border

Chiq Easy Flower Ring

This ring is so easy and lots of fun if you are 4, 24 or 94  I used Paton's lace yarn I recommend either lace weight or crochet thread. I used a steel crochet hook, use the size you are most comfortable with. To make the band: * for a skinny band use sc and for a thickier one use dc* chain 7, hdc in the 2nd chain from hook and hdc in each across ( 6 hdc) *chain 1 turn, hdc in each across*repeat until it's long enough to wrap around your finger. use a yarn needle or your hook to weave the tail and sew the 2 ends together to make the band. turn inside out so the seam is on the inside To make the flower start with a magic circle ch1 sc18 times and pull string to tighten magic circle sl to first sc ch 4 skip 1 stitch and sl in the next repeat all the way around * ch1, 6 sc sl * repeat in each chain 4 band to create petals. sl into first petal and leave long tail for sewing Attach flower over seam and weave in you tail using