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A Maleficent Cowl

Lion Brand kindly sent me a ball of their new yarn line Landscapes.  ( THANK YOU LION BRAND, feel free to send yarn anytime hehehehe )  WOW is it LOVELY the colors are incredibly vibrant and the yarn is extremely soft.  It's an Acrylic yarn but feels more like a soft blend. It come in 6 exciting color ways Apple Orchid ( That is the colorway I used) Tropics, Boardwalk, Sand Dune, Desert Spring and Mountain Range. Each ball is 100grams/3.5 oz (147 yards) and it's a #4 medium weight yarn.  The label says to use a K hook but i wanted to make something using only one ball so I opted for a design that used an H hook.

Do you want to knit a Sweater?

So my little ones LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney's FROZEN So I hear the songs every day....... Whats a music lover and yarn lover to do??? Make a yarn craft parody of course!!!! Do you want to knit a sweater? Come on let's go and crochet..... See the Video of me singing it here it is all filled with photos submitted by my designer friends, my students and some of my own!

Twilight sparkle gets a make over! * this is a guideline not a pattern

*Please note this is meant to be used as a guide line and is not a stitch by stitch pattern however if you have crochet experience this should be the steps you need to make this dress* My youngest LOVES My little pony especially  the Equestria Girls  . I think the movie is cute but the hem line on those dresses leave NOTHING to the imagination! And it's hard to play with the doll with out her dress falling down...It really bugged my five year old that the dolls underwear kept showing! So I grabbed a few Bon Bons    in the Brights and went to work! I started at the waist and chain to the width and added 3 extra for over lap ( I sewed Velcro on to make the dress easy to get on and off! ) to give the skirt texture I did one row hdc. then on the next I did sc and put in increases in every other stitch. The next row I did just hdc, and the next was sc,sc, 2sc repeat . To give a little flare I did hdc *ch1 sk 1 hdc* and repeated until the end. I worked 2 sc in each ch1 for the ne