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Orange County Fair Project- my crochet art entry for "Home Sweet Home"

Hello everyone!!! I submitted my fair entry today and I wanted to share some of the details of my project with you :) This was my basic concept however it got way bigger but then smaller due to health problemsI've had in the last 6 weeks.. My 3 year old also managed to break a crate, ruin some of the fence post and make off with a thread snake and about 20 flowers under his bed!! LOL Having to redesign at the last minute due to his "help" ( but He loves it soo much so I take it as a complement!)  actually made me due some things differently which I liked!!) For example I came up with these cute Butterflies at the last minute using netted yarn! I used Starbella by premier yarns but you can do it with any other netted type yarn. Here is a look at the Home Sweet Home sign I remade this morning sine I was already redoing somethings I desided to redo this and make it look more "Hand Made" The first one felt too perfect and like something mass produced. The y

Do you like a good deal?

Hey everyone! This isn't yarn related but my friend and fellow blogger always AMAZES me with all the deals she posts. She gets things for free or next to nothing every day. The cool thing is she does all the work for you and will post links or tell you how to get certain coupons and where and when the best place to use them is. Her blog is here And while we are on coupons, Do you guys use the smart phone apps for yarn? I use the michaels one every time I go in. I also make sure i have a printed one always in my wallet! I love my 40, 50 % off and the 25% off sale items :) What kind of couponing do you do? 

Crochet Chiq's 1st ever GIVEAWAY!! Free Yarn, Free Hook!!

And the WINNER IS>>>>>> HELLO everyone! What is on your hooks or needles or even looms today? I have been talking to people in Facebook groups ( the The Crochet Crowd , Bethinx1 , and GoodKnitKisses ) About what people like and don't like about Giveaways. BTW these groups are awesome! if you want to show off your work, get help, ideas, feedback or meet new friends :) ** I am sorry to limit this which I know sucks but I can only ship to u.s. addresses. I'm sorry I'm a single mom and at this point I can not afford to pay the shipping anywhere else!** SO it seems people don't want to do it for a pattern... Well MY patterns are ALWAYS free no NEED to do anything but look them up on my blog :) But how about the yarn to make a project and maybe the hook?? That seems to be the sweet spot. Find the pattern here One of my newest patterns uses RedHeart Botique Magical yarn and a size N hook ( PRIZE 1) OR If this isn't you style This is the fi

Hand Felting Flowers

The top is felted the bottom isnt. They were both identical before the top was felted Hello Everyone! Today I thought I would show you how to felt your projects without having to use a Washing Machine You don't need to use the same pattern as me in fact you can felt anything that is made of wool. However if it's only 20 wool it won't work very much. Check your label and make sure your yarn is manly wool. I used my latest  flower pattern  I also have  Chiq Simple Flower ,  Loopy /Chain flower  or use your favorite one!!! Here is a Picture of the flower Before I felted it Notice the texture and how you can see the stitches. Notice how much the texture has changed? It's very soft. See how its hard to define the stitches? You can felt it to the point of not being able to define them at all. Felting occurs when something of manly wool (ever  notice how must wool items say not to wash) Is heated and agitated . You can do this using your washing Machine

Chiq Variation on Jenni's flower

Hello everyone!!! My friend Jenni Is working on her first crochet pattern which a cute sat hat that starts with a flower in the middle! I made a variation of the flower she used and I will be sticking it all over my county fair project. The pink Is mine and the White is hers! There are very many versions of flowers available online!! Supplies  Yarn any kind Hook  Whatever size the yarn calls for I used a super soft wool in Cotton Candy from  Eco Yarn  ( an AMAZING etsy shop that recycles yarn from thrift store sweaters!)  and a size G crochet hook! Start with a Magic circle and chain 2 ( count as your step un and not a DC) Work 12 DC in to the Magic Circle, join, We chain4 at the beg. because the 1 chain counts as your sc chain 4 skip on stitch, sc in the next, *chain 3 skip one stitch * repeat   * YOu should have 6 chain spaces. This is what half of a petal looks like. You will need to make the stitches fit. do the following in each chain space ( total of

Chiq Twilight ( yes it sparkles but not that Twilight) Prayer Shawl

A simple but lacy stitch and Redheart Botique Magical make this shawl shine and work up in NO time at all! One on my newest friends and obsession on facebook is Onix . He has an amazing talent for many things but especially knitting!  He has just started a  Website  and I just love looking at his work and chatting with him. ( you can also search his name on youtube for knitting how to videos with AFK ) Today he posted a a quote about shawls I would love to share with you.        There are many mermaid legends in the folklore of the British Isles. One tells of a mermaid who fell madly in          love with a sailor on a ship headed for the Shetland Islands. Her ardor was so great that king Neptune granted her wish to trade her tail for legs. As she started ashore, the mermaid realized that she needed earthly clothes. She fashioned a shawl from sea foam and wore it as she stepped from the water. Seeing the great beauty of the mermaid's shawl, the women of the island immed

Chiq infant barefoot sandals

I was asked to do a class on easy baby barefoot sandals and this is what I came up with!! I will have pictures up  soon :) supplies:  F hook 4ply yarn (soft) Ch 11,  join to form a ring 2 Sc in ring ( you will be making a triangle so this may look odd at first just go with it) Ch 2, turn {counts as hdc now and throughout}, hdc  in 1 st, 2 hdc in next st Ch 2, turn, hdc in 1st, hdc in next 2, 2 hdc in last hdc (6 hdc) Ch 2, turn,h dc in 1st, hdc in next 4, 2dc in last (8 hdc ) Ch 2, turn, hdc in 1st, hdc in next 6, 2 hdc in last (10 hdc) Ch 2, turn, hdc in 1st, hdc in the next 8, 2hdc in the last ( 12 hdc) Continue  in creasing for a larger sandal  To make a tie,  Ch 20 and attach to corner, then do it again for the other corner Add a flower... bow or anything else CHIQ!!! Pictures coming soon!!!


If anyone out there has asthma and allergies you know what I am going through! I am having such a hard time talking with out getting out of breath! So if you are wondering why I haven't made any new videos lately that's why! I did want to share photos of some new locally spun yarn I found yesterday! The red is for flowers on my display, The white is Mohiar and I am going to try Hand painting it using wilton cake dye These two were my favorite!!! already wound a small ball to make flowers!! This one is extremely soft! This has been all over my facebook feed and I love it! How true is this for you?? I was also prescribed a new inhaler o of course I had to CHIQ it up What do you think? I'm going to add snaps to it to so it will also be harder for little finger to play with it!!

Chiq mini drawstring sachet

ruffle top  This Chiq Sachet would be perfect at wedding or as party favors! Make them for little girls to hold something precious! Use a size H crochet hook and 4 ply yarn I used Loops and thread Impeccable Glitter yarn -I LOVE THIS YARN!! Its very soft but still holds it's shape and doesn't have a fuzzy feel. Magic Circle 1-10 hdc in circle DONT JOIN 2-make shell in first hdc ( shell 2hdc,ch1,2hdc)skip on space repeat until you have 5 shells 3-6 work one shell into the secound hdc on each shell. Sl in to the 2nd hdc of next stitch This is what it look like at the end of round 2 7- chain 2 ,skip 1 sp, *sc, ch1, skip one space* repeat until the end of round Last round- ch1, 2hdc in first sc, *3hdc in next sc, 2hdc in next sc* repeat all the way around Take ribbon or yarn and weave it though the chain 1 spaces. this is the sachet open Find all the Christmas crafts you need at AFCC Find my patterns and so many others at AFC

Chiq 3 strand headband

Headband time!!! These are headbands I have seen all over the place and at first I thought they were made by having 3 separate chains but after seeing some at a craft fair last week I think is way looks better!! Supplies F crochet hook 4 ply yarn This is a VERY EASY pattern!! Great for a beginner!! To start you will chain 115 chain 20 for the side chain 75-for the mid chain 20-for the side Turn ch1 sc in the first 20 chains, then chain 75, and sct in the last 20chains.  Turn ch1, sc in the first 20, then chain 75, and sc in the last 20 chains. Fasten off and weave in your two ends. If you want to make this smaller adjust the pattern by reducing the count for the mid section A basic child size would be Ch 20 for the side ( for a small child you could do 15 here) Chain 35- for the mid Ch 20- for the side Also changing the hook size or yarn size is a very easy way to make the headband bigger or smaller. There is no wrong way here what ever you like is perfect. Add only two str

Chiq Preemie shell cap

Supplies: 3ply or 4 ply yarn ( washable only) size F crochet hook *Slip stitch and chain one ( to step up and prevent your first stitch from being smashed) Make a magic circle Rd 1-10 hdc in the loop Rd 2- 2hdc in stitch for a total of 20 hdc Rd3- 2hdc in the first, 1 hdc in the next, repeat * when making a hat we do 2 stitches in one stitch to increase, however if we keep doing 2 in everyone it wont lay right so what we do is equally space it out* *This is where I stop increasing however preemies come as small as 1 pound up to 6 pounds so make lots of sizes. to make your hat bigger use a bigger hook and or add an extra increase round or two)* Rd 5- (2hdc,ch1,2 hdc)Shell skip 3 repeat * if you increased more or less and it isn't even and you have one less or more at the last shell thats ok, it won't be noticable. Rd 6 and until you have the length you want. * they say preemie has should fit on a orange* slip stitch to the hdc before the chain 1, make your shell in this hd