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Stitcher Scissors, new ebook and more to come!

While at this awesome Networking event put on by Prime Publishing ( Parent company of ALLFREECROCHET, FAVECRAFTS and like 15 other awesome sites! * note I was choosen as a favorite designer for , and ) I got to meet all sorts of cool companies including Fiscars....Now I though well I am a crochet blogger.. not sure they would want to talk to me................ BUT SURPRISE they make AWESOME little scissors that are super sharp ( no fray yarn edges) and pointy.. I totally used them to poke holes in a fleece blanket so I could crochet into it.. Sure that was not the idea but an awesome added benefit! I had so much fun at thier booth at the CHA show too!  ALSO big news! A few of my new patterns have been picked up by some exciting companies!!! I will let you know when they are available! So bare with me, I know I haven't post much but I am doing a lot of behind the scenes work! ALSO I had 2 pattern pu

SUPER FAN Denise from Dream Crafts

I like the added flower and button!  I love opening my email, facebook or twitter to find photos of projects made from my patterns! I love how cute this clutch came out! Thank you Denise for letting me share your cute creation! Wanna make your own clutch? Click here to be taken to this EASY pattern

Look What My Friend Ann came up with! Link to her free pattern!

My dear friend Ann Siggers created this beautiful afghan she named Watermelon Twist! I was going through AFC and found it linked in the "what's hot" section!  I am soo excited to see her pattern there I wanted to share the link with all my readers!


no pictures were allowed but OMG they are coming out with a new SOFT baby line that you will FLIP over!!! I did get my hands on some Red Heart Boutique Rigoletto and this is a fun fun yarn!!! It is a knitted tube and you can make an easy and upscale long bell shaped scarf .... but there are soo many possibilities with this! You could make a cute chunky cowl or even a simple bolero! Watch out next week for a video on my youtube channel of this yarn. You can also go to RED HEART's website and see a video on how to crochet or knit with it!!!  

Lion Brand Fashion Show CHA show 2013

Okay if you didn't "hate me" after my last post go ahead and do it now! I was lucky enough to see the Lion Brand fashion show and yes VANNA was there!!!!! And Lion brand was soo nice, they gave me a tour of all their yarns ( no pics allowed :( ...) and I had fun chatting with them about the designs I saw in the show! Never in my yarniest dreams would I think I could talk to people at yarn companies! I did speak to other yarn companies don't worry, I have decided to keep the in separate posts! These are pics from my droid, I am not a photographer but a non great pic is better than no pic right?? Comment below and let me know your favorite... keep an eye out for the maple leaf piece I love it! Also something to know is these pieces were made and DESIGNED by fashion students in the us and Europe!!!! Kudos to you Lion Brand for highlight young new designers! Of course the first photo HAS to Be of VANNA and The President of Lion Brand!!! This piece was