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Thread Cross Bookmark

I used Aunt Lydia's Crochet thread and a size D hook. Make a magic circle Round 1 Ch3, 2dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2 and join. Sides and top of cross Ch3 2dc, ch2, dc3 in any ch2 sp. Turn and *sl to ch2, ch3,2dc, ch2,3dc. *Turn and repeat * repeat everything in this step 3 more times. Cut thread and weave in ends at the ends of the sides. Bottom of the cross When you get to the last side repeat the * section 2 more times for a total of 4 shells for the bottom and 2 shells for the sides not including the center. On the top of the cross attach yarn and chain 26, skip the first 5 and sl to the first chain. Then I added a tassel. If thread isn't your thing check out this great bookmark Stitch 11 made from my Cross Bangle pattern! Check out the Stitch 11 post here

How to loom Simple adorable, one of a kind Angel Babies

Hi, I’m Sharona Wilson. My daughter Pam and I make loom knitted dolls for charity. We recently sent off two dozen to an orphanage in Haiti, followed by a batch to a local Alzheimers center, and a batch to our local sheriff’s station for their children in crisis program. Mary has asked me to share a bit about the dolls, so here goes. I stumbled onto loom knitting quite accidentally. I took a group of girls from the church to summer camp. During the daily activities, the girls signed up for badge classes, and the leaders were told “if you aren't teaching a class, you need to be attending one with your girls”. (I guess one year they found a group of leaders taking long naps during badge classes.) LOL. No, it wasn't me. Really. I decided to take the loom knitting class, and was introduced to Knifty Knitter looms and learned to make a simple baby hat. I went home after summer camp, bought a set of looms and have never looked back. After a couple of years of t

Chic Phone Clutch

I wanted to make a cute mini case that would my phone and my id, keys and cash... I am so happy with how my Chic Phone clutch came out! I have a Note 3, which is on the large side of phones so if you want a smaller one just chain less. Supplies 1 ball Vannas choice .... I used dark Heather Grey.  50 yards or so of a contrasting color. 1 zipper which is optional 1/2 a yard of your favorite trim for the handle, I found mine at Joanns and it was only 1.99 a yard. Make sure you pick a sturdy trim. You also need an I and a F crochet hook. With your main color,  and I hook loosely chain 16 ( for a smaller phone like an iPhone ) or 20 ( for larger phones like mine or if you want extra room.) Ch1, sc, ch1, sk 1, sc, ch1 etc... repeat until you are at the end then, sc,ch1,sc,ch1,sc, ch1 and continue the sc,ch1 along the other side of the chain. When you reach the beginning make sure the first ch has 3 sc and 3 ch. This project is worked in the round from here on out do not

just another yarn night and a new way to cast on while knitting/ arm knitting

 Here is a photo from last night  at the yarn meet up. Can you guess which coffee shop it was at? I was asked to show how to arm knit and at first no one really thought it would be as easy as it was! I used left over balls of yarn. That were bulky, you can also use 4 strands of 4 ply or mix it up! The yarn above is Red Heart Ribbons and Red Heart with love, and wow is it a soft fun scarf! Here is another photo in better light the I took this morning . To make this you just cast on 4, until last night I only ever used the long tail cast on, however my friend Sharona showed me her favorite way to cast on and I filmed a quick video with my tablet this morning to show you... forgive the tank top because I am MELTING here in socal I think I may end up 3 sizes smaller due to this nonstop heat! Above is the new cast on and below is the long tail with full tutorial Also I found the project I originally used the Red Heart Ribbons for click here for this free pattern

finger crochet cowl

Hey everyone! I took a ball of Lionbrand Heartland Thick and Quick  with me to an Angel baseball game. I always bring yarn because while going to games is fun the boys in my life enjoy them far more than I do! This project to only took me 1/2 of an inning to create so it you want something quick this is your project. I only used 1/2 of the ball but you can get an extreme one by using the whole ball... it would be perfect for cooler weather. I started by making a slip knot with my fingers. Then I wrapped the yarn around my index finger and pulled through so that I was chaining with my fingers. See photos below. After you have finger crocheted the length you want, I did 1/2 the ball knot the end, wrap around your neck to the desired length and use about 6 inches to wrap around all the strands like the photos show. I weaved in my ends or you can use fabric glue to make it super secure. Any 5 ply or 6 ply yarn can be used to make this. I have a kids tutorial for finger crochet h

Do you know the company you get your craft supplies from?

In an ideal world I am sure many more of us would only use organic locally made craft supplies, but for alot of crafters that isn't an option. However you still can choose which stores and brands you want to support. Google is your best friend in this department you can search and find out info on about any company or product you want. I have researched alot about Hobby Lobby and although I am christian and love companies with Christian values I don't agree with their stance againest woman's health. They are a FOR PROFIT company and for them to be able to deny coverage of something because it's againest thier beliefs ( yet they will still do business with companies that do exactly what is against their faith) doesn't seem right to me. There are many religions that don't think we should vaccinate, take antibotics, or even see a doctor at all. I don'the want to tell you what to think, we all have a right to think what we want I just want to encourage you t

Grandma's Strawberry Avocado Salad Recipe

Hello here is a fun but non Crochet post. Today my grandma threw a Garden themed lunch for her scrapbooking friends and I just have to share a few of the details with you! We used potted fresh herbs down the center of the table and she had many little garden accents! For lunch she served quiche ( she is not parting with the recipe to that one) and a mouth watering Starwberry Avocado Salad. To Make the Dressing: 2 TBSP White Sugar 2 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 TSP Honey 1 TBSP Cider Vinegar 1 TSP Lemon Juice Whisk together  and set aside. To make the salad 2 cups torn salad greens 1 Avocada peeled and pitted 10 Strawberries sliced 1/2 cup chopped Pecans Place salad greens in bowl and toss with dressing. Then top with sliced avocado, strawberries and pecans That is my lovely Grandma in the blue and one of her friends :) I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have!!!!

Yarn wrapped flag

When art is inside you, it will come out via any medium available!

A  pregnancy  inspires many crocheters to make the cutest of baby blankets,  christening  gowns baby booties and more, but what is an extremely talented artist to do when she finds out she can't paint for 9 months? Read my Q and A with Katerina Penzina below and find out what this Russian artist decided to do! I first discovered Katerina's work only a week ago if that when YARNBOMBS ( aka Stephen ) reposted her work to his instagram and more than tripled her followers just by getting her work out there, Take a look at her Instagram Blogspot and her facebook for more of her work! 

SummerFriday Funnies

I wanted to share some of the Funny quotes, memes and photos I have seen around the world wide web relating to yarn this week! Email me your favorite at and I will share it next week Found this on AFCAP facebook  A contagious disorder is looming .....There is no known cure. It is the MLD, Multiple Loom Disorder, characterized by the many looms owned and sought by those affected. Those with the disorder have been known to take drastic measures to feed their affliction. Here a loom, there are loom, everywhere a loom. Looms tossed here and there, some with nearly finished projects, others apparently abandoned for a more sparkly loom.  found this in a facebook looming group I thankfully just have my knitting board ones... hahaha anyone on here have too many looms???? This is from the hit show #oitnb or Orange is the New Blanket , the quote is a bout a beautiful crochet blanket haha. WARNING this show is not a show to watch around children, there is n

Most popular posts for the last 7 days and a new free pattern for children coming soon!

I hope everyone has had a great week! My has been full of adventure, loads of free time to crochet and sadly a quick trip to the ER because my youngest had to get stitches after falling on a playground! Ouch! anyone else ever have to take a child under 6 in for stitches? It can be a very traumatic experience but he was a brave little boy! Here is a photo of him this am, he is on the mend now esp. with an ice cream cone! His trip inspired a new pattern ( he drew a picture and asked me to crochet it) which I hope will be done in the next few weeks so be on the look out! Here are the top 10 trending post for the last 7 days, have you seen them all? *Also I am taking pattern requests so if there is something you would like to see a pattern for let me know! Please understand I can't do something the next day and that things take time, also I don't do trademarks items for legal reasons!** 10.  Crocodile Flip Flops * all sizes* 9.  Shell Shorts - a great bathing suit co

Chiq Wedding Necklace - updated format

This flower was in the wedding section for only 4.99 How Stunning is this???? Even if you are not getting married this yarn is available in many colors make one or 10!!! The best part this is basically a chain! WHAT??? Yes I chained RIBBON yarn and made this stunning necklace in about 30 minutes!! I teach this class as a "lets see if I want to try crochet but I want something cute right now kind of class at Micheal's arts and crafts" Supplies : any ribbon yarn . There are MANY brands out there , the following is a loops and thread one, but any ribbon yarn will do Flower or pendent notion, and a crochet hook any size between D to I Spaces are the huge rectangle gaps at the top Instead of making a slip knot, just insert your hook into a ladder ( for strength of your work skip the first ladder space, like I did.) Now go to the next space ( or skip 1 to 2 ) and you will pull it through the first one like you are doing a ch