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Love Granny Square

 How adorable is this solid heart in a granny?? I started making amigurumi hearts because I was just feeling so sad, upset and worried by everything in the news and I knew I needed something positive to focus on!  I recommend carrying both colors with you as you work your square so you don't have as many ends to weave!  I used Yarn Bee Soft Sleek and Chunky and a size F hook You can use any 4 or 5 ply yarn and then go two hook sizes down to create a tight pattern. HC=Heart Color BC= Background color Round 1 using HC make a magic ring, chain 3 2dc, ch3,3dc,ch3,3dc,ch3,3dc, ch 3 and join with beginning of the round Round 2 using HC chain 3 1 dc in each dc, in corner 2dc, ch 2, 2dc, then dc in each stitch along the side, 2dc, ch2,2dc in corner, repeat until you get to the beginning and join. Round 3 Using BC skip the first 2 stitches of any side, ch3, dc in nest two stitches, Using HC 1 dc in each stitch 2dc, ch2,2dc in each corner. * The spot where there is 3 stitches in BC is the to
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Invisible Join Tip for yarn projects

I am using Red Heart Super Saver Ombre Yarn and an I hook This is a quick back I wanted to share for those that want a join that is invisible even when you are working with multiple colors! I'm in the process of making a Corner to Corner throw of various colors and am making panels of the same length but different widths. To join them I am using a needle and thread to sew together and below you will see what the front and back look like when you do this. I always double thread and hand stitch when using this method. I start by placing the panels on top of each other and stitch about 2 stitches in every crocheted stitch. You can go in the yarn. It doesn't have to be like when you see with the yarn. The Front The back, can you tell I used Hot Pink Thread?

Video of how to decrease a Corner to Corner

Hey everyone, a friend was getting stuck on how to decrease her corner to corners, so I shot a quick unedited  video to show. I'm going to film this next week, please let me know what you would like to see. 

Free Lacey Hexagon Pattern

This pattern can be used with any yarn or hook size. I used Pantone by Caron which comes with 5 Hanks that are designed to go together.  I am making a larger project with these cute hexagons but thought I would share the base pattern first. I used a size G hook. Round 1 start with a magic circle, chain 3 and DC into ring, chain two *dc 2 chain 2* repeat 3 times. You should have a total of five sets of 2 dc's and chain 2. Sl into the first chain 3. Round 2 sl to nearest chain 2 space. (These are the corners) chain 3, dc, chain 2, 2dc all in the ch2 space. Ch1* 2 dc chain 2 2dc in the next chain 2 space, chain 1* repeat 3 times and slept to first chain 3. Round 3 sl to nearest chain 2 space, chain 3, dc, chain 2, 2dc in the same space, chain 1 two dc, chain 1 in chain 1 space, *2dc, chain 2, 2dc  in next chain 2 space, chain 1 2dc chain 1 in next chain 1 space* repeat three times and sl with beginning chain three. Round 4 Sl to nearest ch 2 space, chain 3 dc, c

How to make a DIY Crochet Circle Vest, Instruction to use your favorite doily pattern and my FREE pattern is included as well

This one drove me crazy until I made several! Anyone else hook in their car?  This pattern is for advance beginners and beyond For those that prefer an exact stitch count for every size this in not the pattern for you. I made this pattern last year but didn't put it up because i don't have the yarn budget and whew the time to make this in every size. If you search circle vest patterns on ravelry I am sure you can find paid patterns in any size you want. I have taught this as a class in a major craft store and many students loved the idea of learning to make something with this level of customization . Note I instead of just giving you what I did to make my size I am giving you all of my notes so you can make it in your size as well. If you are comfortable reading patterns then this should not be difficult for you however I would not suggest this pattern to be the first written pattern you should try. Every time I have make this I have used a different 4ply y

The road to Mrs. started with a photo shoot for Crochet Chiq

So do any of you remember this post?   from over 5 years ago? My long time friend Harold was kind enough to model a beanie for me. We ended up going to downtown Disney to take some photos and grabbed some dinner while we were there. Well If you haven't been to Down Town Disney at Christmas at night let me fill you in, it is extremely beautiful and romantic! That evening I only took 2 photos because I was all nervous and distracted by "My maybe he is more than a friend", friend! At the end of the night I think he stood talking to me at by back door for almost 30 minutes and I thought he was going to kiss me! I found out later he was thinking about it but was also afraid of being slapped! We ended up hanging out a lot and had a lot of almost kiss moments and then he finally asked me out for our first official date! Problem was it was for New Year's Eve on the Queen Mary and as a single mom of 2 I had nothing to wear and very little money. I found a great sleeveless

Prisma is the must have new filter app

Not everyone is a photographer,but we all want this wow photos of our projects right? This new app just dropped in the play store called prisma!