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Love Granny Square

 How adorable is this solid heart in a granny?? I started making amigurumi hearts because I was just feeling so sad, upset and worried by everything in the news and I knew I needed something positive to focus on!  I recommend carrying both colors with you as you work your square so you don't have as many ends to weave!  I used Yarn Bee Soft Sleek and Chunky and a size F hook You can use any 4 or 5 ply yarn and then go two hook sizes down to create a tight pattern. HC=Heart Color BC= Background color Round 1 using HC make a magic ring, chain 3 2dc, ch3,3dc,ch3,3dc,ch3,3dc, ch 3 and join with beginning of the round Round 2 using HC chain 3 1 dc in each dc, in corner 2dc, ch 2, 2dc, then dc in each stitch along the side, 2dc, ch2,2dc in corner, repeat until you get to the beginning and join. Round 3 Using BC skip the first 2 stitches of any side, ch3, dc in nest two stitches, Using HC 1 dc in each stitch 2dc, ch2,2dc in each corner. * The spot where there is 3 stitches in BC is the to