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Look at Don's Variation on the inspiraled hat!!

Hello everyone! Don Tavarozzi is a dear friend who I have never actualy met in person but "see" all over the crochet groups on facebook! I love how he altered the hat in a fun way and I asked him if I could share his photos and how it's done! SO here started with my pattern here  cal pattern  and doubled up the yarn and using a large hook chained 40 and attached!!! How creative and fun!!! Have you altered a pattern of mine or even used a different yarn and LOVE the way it came out? send me an email at and tell me about it and if you would like to be in a post!  iwill link any site you have in the post :) Until next time Happy Hooking!!

Close up photos of the crocodile stitch used in the cuff

Chiq Crocodile Cuff

I am on crocodile overload because Mikey @  The Crochet Crowd  with  AllFreeCrochet  are doing a huge giveaway!! (Details can be found on the crochet crowd website click on the link above) So I give you the simple easy and fun Crocodile Cuff I used a size F hook and  a teal size 3 and a sparkle white crochet fashion thread size 10 chain 16 for an xtra small wrist ( you should be able to slip it on and off) or 23 Row 1 - chain 4 and 2 dc in the 5th chain from the hook, *skip 1 space and chain 1, skip one space and 2 dc in next space* Repeat until the end. sl to first stitch * you make the crocodile stitches  around all the 2 dc's and IGNORE the single dcs. Row 2 - ch1, *5 dc around the first dc, dc around the next dc , skip the 1 dc* repeat This is where you put 2 dc ** You want your second row of scales to be inbetween the first row*** This is where you want to put 1 dc Row 3 - with alt color attach and ch 3 on any single dcm dc in the same space, *chain 1 2 dc

Chiq Chrismas Tree

everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry August hehehehe Have you started making your gifts and decorations yet? If no why not??????? I know I have to start in july or I won't finish!! I can't take credit alone for this idea, my wonderful coworker ( CERTIFIED Knitting instructor)  Diane  thought why don't we make a yarn bombed type Christmas tree and this is what we did. Have I mentioned lately I love love love my job!!! skill level.. easy can ever be done with out crocheting First lets talk about the supplies you need I used bernat boucle ( i can only loom with this we both dislike this yarn for knitting and crocheting!)  A cone, Michaell's and other craft stores have these in many mediums, I like using styrofoam  because when wrapping the yarn there is no need to use glue!!!!!! I used these pins to start but I recommend using longer ones ( or T pins) , hahaha it was a pain to get these in.  eyelash yarn to use as garland!!!!!!!! ( my favorite is the loop