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Loom UP

Every other week I have a group of mainly loomers and some crocheters and knitters that meets up at the local starbucks. It's really fun and inspirational to see what everyone is working on and fun that we can all help each other. I was surprised to see my boyfriend who comes and reads comics while we all knit/ crochet/loom was able to help our newest student with something. Does anyone else have meet ups? comment below and tell me if you have one or wish you did! If you are in the Long Beach, CA area and would like to join us send me an email

8 Different Crochet stitches

My vertical crocodile crochet stitch is featured in and on the cover of this FREE brand new AllfreeCrochet E book Download this free and awesome book HERE   Watch this video showing off the stitches you will learn, I personally love all the stitches in the book! 

Loom up

Last night I met up with some of my former loom students to show them the new looms and other great products I received at the CHA. One of my students went home and told her husband how much she loved the all n one loom and ordered that night!! AllNOne  Click the link to see the loom everyone is the most excited about. in the photo you can see it on the table, I love it because as the name suggests it's truly an all in one. You can double knit and adjust the width or you can knit flat.  in the next few weeks I will write and film a full review on it.  I also have the  Tadpole  which is great because it's portable and small ( it also has great instructions) and the  sock loom . I have used sock looms before where the grooves were not big enough and that made me hate making socks! This one like all the looms I can tell is made better so be on the look out as soon as I get sock yarn for a sock photos!!! I also have the  Afghan Loom  being shipped to me and I am super ex

CHA- Awesome people I met

Make sure you are following me on twitter @ crochetchiq / or google plus   +CrochetChiq   because in February I have an awesome giveaway!!!!  So this year I first saw Vickie Howell   when I was washing my hands in the bathroom but I didn't want to be a creeper so i just smiled and freaked in my head! I knew that I would be able to find her at the Yarnspirations booth. yes I am wearing a dress with yarn balls printed on it! Yolanda and I planed to meet up and WOW the shawl she made was stunning!

CHA - Mikey and Red Heart

Hello everyone! Whew this past weekend at the CHA has been a whirlwind! I got hit hard with cold so thank you for waiting a few days for me to get this post up!! For those that don't know this last Friday to Tuesday was the Craft and Hobby Show in Anaheim, CA . As you can see above I ran into Mikey from The Crochet Crowd in the Red Heart booth. Red Heart has a new motto this year " Make it. Love it. Share it. " Mikey and Diva Dan were a delight to meet in person! I can not say enough what down to earth real and awesome people they were! I really enjoyed speaking with them at the booth, on the show room floor and at the Prime CHA Networking event.