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Crochet in action!!! - what I am up to

Because 7am is too early to do my hair just to walk my son to school!! This is a variation on  my   Chiq Slouchy Today I am editing a video for  Knot of Love  this awesome charity that donates over 3000 hats a MONTH to people who lose their hair for any medical reason.  I am so excited and honored to be able to help in any way with such an amazing charity! Please consider donating a hat if you can :) Also for people who are local to the LA /OC ( in California) area I will be hosting a FREE in person event to teach how to make beanies for those that will donate the 1st hat they make :) If you already know how to make one come and crochet, knit or loom with us for fun!! comment below if you are interested and or email me at  Coming up for Crochet Chiq?????  After Halloween passes get ready for winter, thanksgiving and Christmas patterns to flood my website!!! What are you most excited to see?? Here are some Christmas patterns and links already on my site

Chiq Slouchy spiral

Soo I never would have come up with this slouchy hat had I not made this adorable cup cake beanie by the talented Twinkie Chan see her * paid * patterns on ravelry! I was intrigure because this hat is NOT made from the top down and that's all I will say about this pattern here is my brand new slouchy pattern!!! I will release variation later this week and month and I have been making this hat non stop here is the basic version I used the pictured yarn above but any 4 ply will do along with a J crochet hook chain any odd number from 21 to 27 ( 21 will be not so slouchy 27 will be very slouchy) you are working this hat side to side....  Row 1 hdc in 3rd chain from hook *skip 1, 2 hdc in the next* repeat until the end Row 2 sl over the first stitch chain 2, hdc, *skip 1, 2dc) repeat until the end... in the last stitch do 2 hdc so it slants and increases, ***every row should have the same amount of stitches we skip 2 on one side and add two on the next** Pl

Sweet pea pattern stitch

Hey all I was on facebook ( the timing stealing void) this morning and a group of people were trying to figure this out... Now it's not exact but here is my take this was a fun challenge to figure out! Start by chaining the length you want in any multiple of 5 that is odd ( 25,55, get the point) Row 1 ch1( step up) sc 5, chain 5, skip 5, sc5* repeat until the end of the row row 2 chain thebegin number 25, 55 , 105 , what ever number you stared with ,cut yarn  weave it in and out of the chain 5 spaces and sl in last stitch weave in ends row 3 and all odd rows follow row 1 row 4 and all odd rows follow row 2 below are some photos i took while I was figuring this stitch out :)  1 4 3 2

New video!

New Video!!!

Chiq Modern Granny Christmas Ornament

If you can make a Granny Square then you have this pattern in your crochet hat!!!! Go modern or traditional with your color choices, either way you will have a quick and cute ornament for your self or a gift! Supplies yarn ( any 4 ply I used scraps of Bernat Mosaic) a size E crochet hook a square ornament I used the clear hollow ones for 1.69 at Michael's make a magic circle Make 5  * feel free to make any 2 round granny square you wish :) Round 1 chain 2, 2sc, ch2, *3sc,ch2* repeat 2 times you should have 4 sides ( sc's) and 4 corners ( ch2) join Round 2 sl to corner, ch2, sc,ch2,sc2 in corner space. chain 1 * 3sc,ch3,sc, ch1 * repeat in each corner space. sl to beginning ch 2 and weave in your end I used the sc join on the right side of the squares or you could sew them together After crocheting /sewing them together in the top part work 4 hdc in each space ( ch1 spot or corner) Last round, work 3 sc in between each 4 hdc. weave in your end. pla

Charming Chiq fingerless gloves

Never put down your hook because your wrists or fingers are cold! These chiq gloves are fashionable and practical! Supplies I used Lion brand cashmere yarn ( it's a thin 4 ply yarn feel free to use any brand ) 1 ball made 2 gloves this size with enough left over to make a flower size J hook optional ribbon Round 1  make 23 foundation double crochet or Chain 25  (for a bigger or smaller size chain less or more) and dc in the 3rd chain from the hook work 1 dc in each chain **use a stitch marker if needed, this pattern is worked in the round** Round 2 and 3 *1 fpdc on the first dc, 1 bpds on the nxt * repeat until the end of the round * this is just like basket weave but we are going to create ridges , so on the 3 rd round your fpdc should match up and your bpdc should match up Round 4 add in the thumb holes!!! you can add them in anywear in the round ( if your joining at the beginning isn't that pretty do a few stitches so that will be hidden) cha

2 new videos

My beautiful sister wearing a scarf I made her! Hello all I wanted to share my 2 newest AllFreeCrochet Videos with you! You might have already seen them :) written pattern here And another favorite Pattern here

Sneak Peak!

Here is a video sneak for a post I will do in a week or 2 :) Tell me what you think!


So I a trolling around online and BAM I find this extremely CUTE hood! Perfect for this time of year and could even be a great part of a Halloween costume!! This is from the blog Stitch 11, and the designer has been crocheting for less than a year!!! When she told me that I was like WOW!!! 1 year in I was till only able to follow Mikey and Teresa on youtube not read or write a pattern LOL! Every week in addition to my Free Patterns I will post a free pattern or two I find of other indie designers :)  (Have a cute one you did or found? send me the link!!!) Free Pattern By Corina Gray here I haven't made this but I <3 the colors and wish I had a little girl to put it on!!! 

Wip's too many! How many projects do you have?

Hello everyone! I haven't done a hey this is what I am doing post in months sooooo here is what is on my hooks! Lets start with the chirstmas colors!!! How many people know this pattern ? I've seen it every where online, Elizabeth Ham made a very fun new way to do the granny! it's easy but still interesting enough to not  want to put it down... as soon as I get more yarn it's on LIKE donkey  kong!!   FREE Drop in the Pond Blanket pattern  There are also great easy to follow videos for this too!! I also have a few scarfs, shorts, a stocking and a HOT Pink and Black prayer shawl in the works.... Can you tell what the circle is? would you belive if I told you it's going to be either a jacket or vest?? I started with a pattern from drops design ( google them they have great free patterns BUT they make you jump around to read them and make sure you pick one in the right English hahaha , I write patterns in American, but British English looks similar but they c

Chiq crochet lace hair tie witha victorian feel

Hey All !!! I have been making A lot or Queen Anne's Lace and after starting a scarf with Paton's Lace Sequins I looked down and thought hmmm I could  a Jane Austin character wearing this in their hair.... I already have instructions for  Queen Anne's Lace Pattern I used paton's lace sequin and a size G crochet hook I did about 22 inches.. You could do more if you have long hair!