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Free Lacey Hexagon Pattern

This pattern can be used with any yarn or hook size. I used Pantone by Caron which comes with 5 Hanks that are designed to go together.  I am making a larger project with these cute hexagons but thought I would share the base pattern first. I used a size G hook. Round 1 start with a magic circle, chain 3 and DC into ring, chain two *dc 2 chain 2* repeat 3 times. You should have a total of five sets of 2 dc's and chain 2. Sl into the first chain 3. Round 2 sl to nearest chain 2 space. (These are the corners) chain 3, dc, chain 2, 2dc all in the ch2 space. Ch1* 2 dc chain 2 2dc in the next chain 2 space, chain 1* repeat 3 times and slept to first chain 3. Round 3 sl to nearest chain 2 space, chain 3, dc, chain 2, 2dc in the same space, chain 1 two dc, chain 1 in chain 1 space, *2dc, chain 2, 2dc  in next chain 2 space, chain 1 2dc chain 1 in next chain 1 space* repeat three times and sl with beginning chain three. Round 4 Sl to nearest ch 2 space, chain 3 dc, c