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March 2012

*WOW* What a great month for Crochet Chiq This is the start of  the mermaid tear purse using Redheart Botique Midnight yarn Check out the Crochet Crowd's video for this at The above purse is easier than it looks and for less than $15 you can have a purse that would retail over 30!! Crochet Chiq is growing!! Our views have increased more than 10 times what they were last month! Thank you everyone for your continued support! A huge thank you to For linking crochet chiq to its site! Have you checked out my profile at   I have a new video and will keep posting new ones so check back here often. Michael's at the Long Beach Town Center Here is a shot from a demo this month, I met a lot of fun crochet artisit and beginers and loomers! Are you ready for winter to be over and excited for spring? I have been having fun brighteni

Chain flower

Supplies: yarn scraps and any hook I used : Bernet Mosaic and a size "H" hook this is redheart botique changes Skill level Advanced Beginner Magic circle Round 1-12 hdc into the circle and join Round 2- 2hcd, then 1hdc repeat all around Round 3 A- chain 9and slip stitch in the back loop  repeat all the way around Round 3 B- chain 6 and slip stitch in the front loop repeat all the way around slip stitch and hide yarn ends! Try it with D.C and get a larger flower! attach a pin and it's a lovely brooch! Have fun with this, use different yarns for each layer for a bright and and multi colored flower! What will you do? Comment below! Also check out Crochetchiq on facebook at youtube at and allfreecrochet at

A flirty Spring Scarf

Here is the scarf in my favorite color combo!! This scarf is so easy your head will spin! Supplies: H Hook Starbella Yarn Skill level This can be your VERY first crochet project!! First you need to spread out the yarn and look at the netting. The part that is thick is the bottom or the edging, it is what ruffles. The thinner side with the spaced out netting is the top and what we will be crocheting into. What we are doing is a chain, take turns between chaining in every hole and skips one or two holes. Continue chaining until you have the length desired. the yarn will curl and ruffle as you go. Knot and slip stitch to hide your end. Then repeat everything with a 2nd chain at the same length. Then you twist the two together and you have this CHIQ scarf!!! Try mixing colors or doing more than 2 strands for a thicker scarf! What colors do you like? Comment below! Watch the Video at Find this pattern a

Crochet Easter Egg with compartment!

I haven't written the pattern for the bunny and her carrot yet.  Why use plastic ones? Go green and make you own reusable ones!!!  Not to mention these are completely adorable!! Mix and match you tops and bottoms with different colors.  Also try using 100% animal fiber yarn and dye them using Easter egg dye after the are crochet to get the full on look!! To dye yarn with Easter egg dye just follow the direction exactly and use 100% animal fiber yarn, this will not work on acrylic yarn !  Skill level:  Intermediate Supplies needed:  size D or E crochet hook 4 ply or 3 ply yarn scraps it doesn't take much to make an egg but can you stop at one? My example was made with Caron simply Soft. This is a 4 ply yarn but it is a thinner 4 ply than red heart for example. I also like the durability and softness of this yarn.This yarn is also available in great bright Easter colors anytime of the year! BPSC = Back Post Single Crochet Start with a magic circle Rnd 1 ch1, sc

Queen Anne's Lace Scarf

Made with Redheart Shimmer I saw a photo of this Vintage lace pattern and fell in love but I couldn't find a free pattern and so after hours ( I won't tell you how many!) I came up with a pattern :) This is my way of making it based off of the picture! I love this sooo much!! If you use 4ply yarn you can make a quick and easy scarf or use crochet thread and make a pretty edging! Supplies:  any yarn and the hook the yarn suggests you use. I would stay away from anything above a 4ply. Lacey stitches don't hold their shape as well when made with a larger hook and ply yarn. I've made scarfs with this pattern using Bernet Mosaic, Redheart Shimmer, 2 strands of Vanna's Glammar, Loops and Thread's Impeccable, and Caron's simply soft. What will you use? Comment below! Grab your hook and yarn and lets GO!!! Beginning Motif: Magic circle or Ch5 and join Ch 3, 13 DC into the ring. (14) DO NOT JOIN! Chain 1, turn. SC into the next 2 DC. *CH4,

How to Add a cute Crochet lace edging on a shirt

Supplies: any type of shirt, I used a cami and a ripped tank from target ( on sale for $5.00 each) A steel crochet hook I used 2.75 , but size 0 works too. and Crochet thread any size.  I also used Bernet Mosaic ( pink cami top) and it turned out great Skill level  I would suguest that you be able to have a even tension. There isn't an important gauge for this project but your stitches should be even. If you aren't sure try this on the edge of a thin dish drying towel or an old rage  :) A few notes I like to start in the middle of the back of the shirt so you can try a few stitches and if you make a mistake it wont be noticed.  Also don't try this out on you favorite shirt!! HAHA Are you ready to start??? I am soooo excited!! Okay we are ready to start!! We start right before the hem of the shirt ( GOING THROUGH TWO PIECES OF FABRIC IS TOO HARD) and the hem line will make it easy to be straight. Now how we start is we force the crochet hook throug