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You do WHAT in public?

Is yarn becoming more popular or am I just noticing it more? I have noticed in my area at least I see people out and about with their wips in tow! ( wips = works in progress) I personally almost always have yarn and a hook with me. hahaha sometimes I use my hook to twirl my hair up and out of my face! My local coffee baristas ask me how my scarves and blog are doing because i think I may crochet there as much as I do at home... WHY? for me i like the change of scenery.  After teaching a beginning crochet class on Sunday my awesome man surprised me by picking me up and taking me to a new coffee location on the beach! It was super relaxing and I even got some crocheting in!  Don't worry the sand didn't even stick to the yarn however I bet it would have stuck to a wool blend... so select your fibers carefully!  CHIQ TIP if you are placing your wips in your purse or laptop bag put it in a ziplock bag to protect it :) it also avoids yarn vomit After noticing peo

Chiq Oh my Stars lace scarf

I love the new Vanna's Sequin from Lion Brand and thinking back to their fashion show in January I was inspired to pair it with Vanna's Glamour for this lace scarf  The top part of this photo is VG and the bottom is VS .. I love the how different but subtle the change is between to 2 yarns! It's like they were meant to be used together!  Supplies:  1 ball Vanna's Glamour  1 ball Vanna's Sequin  ** would look awesome in just one 4 ply yarn as well... *** Size G crochet hook Stitches used : ch,dc,sc tr, thats it! if you know those give this lace a shot you will be amazed on how quickly it grows!!  Ch 26  Row 1 sc in 2nd ch from  your hook, *ch2 , skip 3 ch's ,work 1 dc,ch5,1dc in next ch, ch2, skip 3 ch's 1 sc into the next ch* repeat until the end, turn Row 2 ( and every even row ) ch 6  dc into first sc, *ch2, sc into 3rd ch on the 5 ch, ch2, work dc,ch5,dc into next sc*repeat u

Hat and Scarf sets wanted!

Not many know but I was homeless during part of my childhood and spent many nights on friends couches ( you guys were a blessing thank you so much Phoebe and Ashton and your families), in strange dirty hotel rooms in a car or at shelters.  My mother couldn't afford much and one year at Christmas I remember getting  a pretty hand made scarf.. and Teddy Bear. That year I loved them so much and it meant so much to me that someone had made something to me... SO why am I blurting this out to you on my blog about crochet???  The image below brought these memories back. Well Yolanda Soto Lopez you may know her  AllCraftsChannel  on youtube, (and if you don't check out her channel for beautiful free crochet patterns and lots more!) posted a photo of an orphanage that her sister and her made 300 sets of hats and scarfs for!!  The goal for this year is 400 and there are more children than that! I wanted to share the need with everyone in case you feel compelled to donate even one s

Filigree Bloom

Have you seen this exciting new yarn by Red Heart Boutique yet? Photo from  Red Heart Supplies to make a bloom: Filigree yarn ( less than one hank, but grab a few so you can have many colors) size G crochet hook yarn needle scarps of yarn in a similar color to sew bloom Start about an inch from the end of the yarn just to make sure your chain will be secure, skip 1 or 3 spaces and chain until its about 9-13 inches long cut the yarn and tie a knot at the end. then wrap the "chain" around it's self so it look like a bloom. use your yarn needle and scarp yarn and weave in and out of the bottom of your bloom to secure it. Leave a long tale for sewing. This would be cute as the bloom on my rose pattern  ! What will you do? Check back because I wrote yet another pattern to be featured on another awesome blog! I will post eh link here when it's live!

Some took the time to draw me how cool is that?

How adorable is this art by Gretchin Brawer ?? THank you soo much for taking the time to make this and send it to me I think it is oh my stars amazing!  here is my latest scarf creation pattern will be up very soon! Can you guess the yarn I used? *hint I used 2 different ones*

AWESOME pattern videos using novelty yarns! Part 1 Red Heart Yarns

Do you go to youtube when searching for patterns? I did this week and wanted to share some awesome finds! I recently worked this up with Red Heart's new yarn coming out called Filigree . I love how cute it is! So if you cant get your hands on Rigoletto try any thick non yarn type yarn! Speaking of Rigoletto have you seen my Rigoletto scarf I made from Mikey's  video? ( took me like 5 minutes to make... How amazing is that??? I mean I REALLY love all these new yarns coming out from Red Heart  Yarns If you have seen ribbon yarns and not known what to do with them.... Look no further!!!!!! I was sooo inspired by the video below ( made by Teresa ... and if you have ever searched on youtube the name Teresa and the sound of her voice should be very familiar indeed ****** I learned to crochet from Teresa and Mikey via youtube!***** She used the lovely ribbons yarn ( in the video she uses red hearts but many yarn companies make ribbon yarns ooo soo much fiber goodnes

Bellini yarn

About a month ago when I came into work ( Michaels arts and crafts * they have nothing to do with my blog.. everything I say is my own opinion*) my boss D said hey look at this new yarn we got yesterday can you crochet something with it? LOL yes because it's that easy with a novelty yarn.. BUT this yarn really was fun so I got to work while people in the store stopped and watched me. Tips for the Michaels insturctors that follow my blog ( I at least know who some of you are) grab a fancy yarn and crochet with it for a demo and more people will stop. Bring a box of it in front of the demo table and you will see is sell!! Selling more yar may not affect your pay but could make your manager want to have you demo more! Before I share the pattern I wanted to give my quick review of this Lion Brand yarn. It makes a quick and easy project and its fun to work with. It does require untwisting as you go which can be a pain in the.. BUT most novelty yarns tend to have this problem it'

Nothing says I love you like.... A flower that never dies!

SO Maybe it's that I am LOVE with this awesome guy but I am thinking of all sorts of Lovey dovey type things so watch out.... even after February 14th I will be posting all sorts of fun love and great gifts for your man patterns!