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Hooking For Cash blog tour

Happy Thursday everyone! A fellow crochet blogger asked for blogs to host her for her new book tour! Of course I wanted the chance for my readers to read something fun and new! Below you will see a post on how to crochet Crossed Trebles by Sarah Duggan. Down below is a chance to win her new book hooking for cash, if you would like to make something from your crochet it's a great recourse!   Crocheting a Business Blog Tour - August 1 - November 7, 2013 Crochet Stitch Tutorial: Crossed Trebles

Arm Knitting!

NO it is not a myth! You can knit with just about anything! a few months ago my friend and I were on a double date and our boyfriends looked on in horror and we tried to knit our noodles! Her knitting skills are far more advanced that my own and she managed 3 rows of 4 stitches on one long ramen noodle!  My video comming out on youtube today Sunday the 15 th will show you have to arm knit

What a busy week!

I was hoping to get this post up sooner but school seems to be sucking a lot of my time now a days!! I read a paragraph, crochet a row.. repeat!!!!! I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be on the LIVE stream of the Cre8tion crochet tonight. Click the link at 9pm est to watch live or watch it anytime after that! :) Let me know what you think and take time to look at all of Lorene's lovely patterns! She is the official designer for DARN GOOD YARN and on her site you can find a coupon code for dgy :)  

A huge HONOR

I am floored with EXCITEMENT!!!! It's not every day that one of your crochet mentors messages you to let you know that he loved your pattern enough to make a RED HEART video about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so honored Mikey choose my pattern out of the 1,000's that are available on the website! I remember the first time Mikey Instant messaged me I jumped up and down and said I am chatting with THE Mikey!!! Yes the "the" was necessary  at the time I was just a fan and I was happy when I got 5 view on my small blog a day! I had asked him what he thought about my First AFC video and he gave me soo much good advice! fast forward 1.5 years ish and now he filmed one of my designs :)

Use your skills to improve or fix outfits

Happy Monday everyone! I hope evwryone who can is enjoying this Holiday! Today I am wearing a maxi dress I bought a few years ago. I was upset when the beaded strap broke however I was not ready to part with it or fork over the cash to get a new one. My crochet minded brain said..... crochet a new strap and thats exactly what I did with some black worsted weight yarn and a h hook. This is made of ch and hdc around the ring! Have you fixed or improved an outfit with crochet? Comment below and tell us about it!

DIY Yarn coffee cup inspiration

It's back to school time, both for myself and my oldest son ( he just got into GATE this year and I am so proud!) and in my house this means COFFEE! I was given one of these diy coffee cups and At first I though ooo I could scrapbook something awesome.... But then I though what if I crocheted something?? The cup I have smashed the lace I made with this 2 ply yarn. However I think thread would fit perfectly!!!! SO here is a project anyone even children can do!! Supplies less than one ball of Yarn 3 ply or 2 ply I used Scarps of Vanna's Glamour left over from this pattern ( Oh my CHIQ stars scarf  ) customizable coffee cup Step 1 unscrew the cup Step 2 Starting at the bottom wrap yarn around the cup. Try to wrap closely so there are not hug black gaps, try not to over lap too much so it it not thick. To help it from unraveling when you first start with a 6 inch tail and wrap over it as you go. Step 3 When you reach the top tuck your tail in and screw the cup