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Crochet a Zoo by Megan Kreiner

I read a review on Red Heart and on AllFreeCrochet and I was intrigued to get my hands on a copy and try a few patterns out! I am still working through the book but I wanted to share with you 2 of the animals I have made and as I make more I will share those with you too!
so I couldn't find my darning needle and I used my hook to weave everything lol... that's why the face is lacking in detail! 
The Harp seal is the 2nd pattern listed in the book and it's quick cute and easy pattern. However read each round completely before you crochet... a few times I almost made a mistake because of the way the pattern was worded and the way it increased. I loved everything about the pattern it's just written different than what I am used to and... I haven't followed a pattern in a while since I normally just figure it out myself. The author of this book is Megan Kreiner ( she calls her crochet MK Crochet, so bonus cool points because she is an MK too!!) Megan is an animator at Dream Works, which I think shows in her detailing of the animals. The animals are shaped and detailed in the same manner you would see in a cartoon movie. I love how she took both of her passions and combined them!
 I feel like after I make something from a good pattern I can learn something and this pattern was exactly that,  sure I could look at the picture and make something that looked almost the same with out buying the book.... but by buying the book and working through the pattern I learned a different way and in some cases a more efficient  way to get the same look!

I enjoyed the way the book was laid out and how the first few patterns are the eaisest and all the patterns are the same size. Some patterns borrow things from others for example the legs on the rhino are the same as the elephant!
Speaking of rhinos.....
This pattern was half way through the book and has more complex shaping.. however if you work the book in order you should have no problem with this studly Rhino! I made him for my 6 year son who loves him completely!

The last pattern in the book is a zoo keeper which makes me say "oh my cute stars" because they are so cute and very easy to customize... even if you are just looking for a good doll pattern about this size it is very easy to customize it! After the zoo keep there are some cute patterns and instructions for making felt food for your zoo animals which children would love to have to play with. 

all the animals in here come out about 5 inches and the book has instructions to make the elephant bigger or make smaller versions. Play around with your hook size and yarn size! I made my animals with an h and they came out great! What do you think? Is this book on your wish list?

You can get the book on the MKcrochet webiste, barnes and noble, amazon... the list goes on!! If you order it from the MKcrochet site ( linked about on Megans name) you can get an autographed copy!


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