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I love this free pattern!

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share a hat I made from this FREE Pattern on REDHEART by Lisa Gentry

I made this hat in about 4 hours or so... I think most crocheters can do it in a weekend so this is a great and cute go to hat! Tell me what you think??

Also Look up the designer here on ravelry she has some awesome designs, including a scarf to match this!!

Bridges and Valleys Scarf

Wanted to share this warm and textured an unisex scarf swatch I came up with!
* turn after every row *
Check out my front/ back post stitch video here I explain and show how to make the stitches and how to do the post section of this scarf

I used an I hook and Vikki Howell's Sheepish yarn However feel free to use any yarn and matching hook size
* turn after the end of every row*
Section A
Row 1-5 are hdc20 ( start with a chain row or foundation hdc)

Section B
Row 6 chain 2( counts as a step up and not a stitch, some people only like to ch1 here either way is fine) work a Front Post DC around the first stitch, work a Back Post DC around the next stitch repeat until the end of the row
   ** UNLIKE with basket weave patterns we do NOT want to alternate how the front post and back post stitches work up!***
Row 7-12 Chain 2,Work a front poston the first stitch and a back post on the next. Repeat until the end of the row  
Repeat section A then B until you have the desired length.

Oriental Bloom Hex free crochet pattern and video

AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns recently asked me if they could link to my hex pattern from last fall.. WOW do I love the name they gave it better than the one I did!!! Based of the new renewed interest I recorded a video of how to do this cute and fun pattern

You can find the original post with step by step photos here
This pattern truly shines using RedHeart Botique Midnight, however use any yarn to make these cute puffs! If making a blanket I recommend using Red Heart with Love because its soft, and huge yet still price effective! Try changing colors every round for a truly exciting blanket!

Want to try another Geometric  featuring the puff stitch? shape??

Ebook for SUMMER

Time to get your Lace on and head to the beach with these amazing crochet fashions!!


My oh so controversial CHIQ SHELL SHORTS made the book.

This new, free eBook from AllFreeCrochet includes 55 pages of trend setting beach wear. The collection is divided into convenient sections for diy beach cover ups, crochet barefoot sandal patterns, diy beach bags and other summer crochet ideas . Included in this fabulous collection is a Sunkissed Lace Cover Up (pg. 14), a Straw Sun Hat (pg. 24), Toddler Barefoot Sandals (pg. 30),  a Straw Beach Bag (pg. 43) and more. According to The Daily, of Ball State University, lace and crochet summer fashions are going to be hot this year. "With crochet you can bare some skin, without putting it all out there." A large crochet shirt can make you feel covered, while still giving you that lightweight feel. And according to the Craft Yarn Council, 76% of crocheters find a project they like before go…

dimensions for how to make a loopy scarf tool!

Some people have emailed me that they don't have access to this tool so i made a few and wrote down the dimensions so you can too!!

if you want to just try it out once... use a shoe box or cereal box... However if you love it and want a sturdy one my friend Carol L. came up with the idea of using foam core ( like from a poster board)

After making a few play around with how big or small it is!  I've also heard of people using two big knitting needles and a ball of yarn for this tool! You basically just need two spokes! Share with us your creations and the tools you use!!!
here is my post on how to make a scarf using this tool!

Loopy Scarf tool!!

Loopy Scarf
While walking through Joann's I got all excited when I found this cute tool! I didn't care for the instructions however so I improvised and pulled on my hairpin lace knowledge  This of this like and awesome jumbo hairpin lace scarf

If you can't find this tool it is very easy to cut thin plastic or cardboard in the shape of a hollow half rectangle.

**Step one unravel about 6 feet of yarn ( roll in a ball if you must i laid mine beside me because this scarf takes less than an hour.. your first one may take longer as you get the hang of it but WOW you will be amazed) CThis will be your tail and you will use this to crochet the loops together. make a slip knot and insert the hook in, have the tail yarn hang BEHIND the loop.
**Next wrap the yarn attached to the bag in a figure eight over and over I recommend doing it 8 to 12 times for a full scarf.
**pull the yarn down, pull the hook where your yarn in bunched and grab the tail and make a slip stitch.  make more fi…

Goodbye to teaching at Michaels, HELLO shopping in other craft stores again!

As many of my readers know for the last 2 years ( longer than I have been blogging) I have worked Michael's arts and crafts as a crochet teacher.
I put in my notice a little over 2 weeks ago and I am now free to discuss my honest opinions about working as a crochet teacher.

Lets start with the PROS
FREE YARN - from what I have heard not all stores follow the same rules but any yarn I demo'ed with and stayed at the store I didn't have to pay for. This was great because I got to try out the more expensive brands I could not afford. In fact many projects here at the blog were demos I did in store ( demos I came up with to sell various products) and I never had to spend a penny on! This is a great bonus if you don't have a large craft budget.
ACCESS TO YARN- You will be in the store more often and therefore see when new yarn comes in! My managers sometimes would call me in to design a project when a new yarn came in... My bellini and sashay patterns came out that way!

I won some lovely yarn

THANK YOU for your help in winning the contest over at Stitch and Unwind !!!!
I will give a full review on the yarn once I finish this date night shawl I start right after getting it in the mail yesterday!!  I will say the stitch definition is amazing and it's very soft merino wool but still washable!!!