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Oh My... Hexagons

Learn to make this CHIQ Hexagon and stay tuned this week for a bunch of amazing patterns using it!!!
Make a magic circle or chain 3 and join Round 1 -ch2 ( counts as first hdc) 1 hdc, ch2*2 hdc, ch2* Repeat until you have 6 ch2 and 6 sets of hdc join
Round 2 - sl to first ch space, pull yarn up and do a (all puff stitches will be 5 loops) puff stitch.chain 1 and do another puff stitch sk to next ch2 sp, repeat in each chain 2 space and sl to beginning. *********** New to the puff stitch? Check out by step by step photo guide How to make a puff stitch in the round
Round 3 - sl to the ch between the 2 puffs ch 2 ( counts as first hdc) 5dc, inbetween the next puff hdc3, hdc 6 in between the next two puffs. repeat and sl to begining
TIP * This is where we get the hexagon shape... everywhere you have a ch1 space you do 6hdc ( makes a corner) where you don't have the ch you hdc 3 ( side)***

Crochet as a ministry........ Not a pattern post just my thoughts on how crochet and my faith.

I would like to start by saying I know not all of my readers ( Thank you to the 56,000 that have visited this month so far) are christian and I just ask that you not leave any debating posts about faith on this entry. I respect everyone's right to their own beliefs and in no way think one belief is any better than another.

I have been debating on sharing my thoughts and feelings on this for a few weeks and since Sunday I feel God has been SCREAMING at me to share my thoughts! Some of you maybe thinking WHAT does CROCHET have to do with GOD??
As many of you know I and a certified crochet ( I also teach looming) instructor at a national craft store and I do demonstrations all the time.  
Fairly often someone comes in and asks what I am making or asks for a suggestion for yarn or a pattern, pretty much anything fiber related, some want to sign up for classes and some have been crocheting longer than I have been alive! 
Crochet can be very personal for people and I think many of us ( myse…

Abstract Autumn Scarf

I recently lead a mystery crochet along and this was the project I came up with!  I wanted something easy all skill levels could do but also something that wasn't going to be boring!!!


1 ball ( i didn't use the whole ball!) of 4 ply yarn  * used Vanna's choice in Terra Cotta*
and size G crochet hook

Scroll down for videos

Beginning motif

Chain 6, join, chain 6 ( in loop made by first ch 6) repeat 4 times for a total of 5 ch6 and 5 sc.

Foundation single crochet (fsc) * scroll down for videos 2 and 4 where you can see how to do fsc* repeat Beginning motif Sl into a close ch 6 loop

from here on out is the abstract part, we will basically be repeating this motif with a fsc in between ( the fsc helps so that the motifs are not on top of each other) as you can see in my picture above in some areas I just ent back and forth but in others i would add and extra motif before going to the next side.. You decide and play around with it. I always view patterns as outlines. If …

mystery crochet along day 3

Did you guess right?

Day 2 Mystery Crochet Along

motif 1
fsc, repeat motif 1
SL into into petal from first motif, fsc repeat motif 1

Mystery CAL day 1

Many of you asked for it and now it's here!! If you are having fun with this please leave me a comment and have fun trying to guess what we are making!!!

Supplies I used
Vanna's choice ( or any 4 ply) in Terra Cotta ( or any color)
Sive G hook!

Motif 1 ( notice how it isn't a round OR a row hence why I would answer questions by some of you about what it is!!!!!)

Ch 6,join, ch6,sc ( in loop made by first ch6) repeat 4 times for a total of 5 ch5 sc *Don't JOIN last sc... What do you think we are making? what yarn are you using comment below!!

Butterfly easy shell stitch

I was doing a demo at work and the District manager was walking around and I was so nervous because I wanted to impress him, I had some of this cotton yarn left from a hat I made and I just started crocheting fast and this CUTE SIMPLE butterfly is what I came up with. This would be cute in ANY yarn :)

Yarn I used : Bernat Handicrafter ( breast cancer awareness color)
Size G crochet hook

Feel free to change the yarn and size.

Row 1
chain 4 dc in last ch from the hook, ch1, 2 dc ( all in the same chain) Chain 3 turn ( 1 shell)
Row 2
dc in the top of the last dc,ch1, 2dc, skip until the top of the chain 4 , 2dc,ch1,2dc, chain 3 turn,( 2 shells)
Row 3
dc,ch1,2dc( in the top of the last dc from prev. row) skip to last stitch of that shell , 2dc, ch1,2dc, skip to the top of the ch3 at the end and 2dc, ch1, 2dc ch3 turn ( 3 shells)
Row 4
dc,ch,2dc ( in the top of the last dc from prev. row)  skip to last stitch of that shell ,2dc,ch1,2dc, skip to the end of the next shell, 2dc,ch1,2dc, skip …


Hello everyone ,

As the Christmas Crafting season approaches I thought I would share a go to pattern I found from the amazing "Crochet Geek" This pattern works up quick, is easy ans makes a great gift.

The pattern is found here Teresa Richardson's Easy Angel Pattern

I used Paton's lace and a size D crochet hook for mine. I also put the book marker chain at the top.

I didn't block mine or stiffen it but it's easy to do if you want too! Teresa has videos on how to do it but the basic way is to mix 1 part water and 1 part glue, cover the item pin the item into place and let dry! It you want to CHIQ it up add glitter right after the glue :)

If you have any questions Teresa is on Facebook and is always quick to respond to comments! She helped me out when I first started!

Chiq Shell Shorts

Say the name 10 times fast hahahaha!

I wrote this pattern at the request of AFC Check  them out to see all the other amazing patterns and videos they have!!!

Hello everyone, Have you noticed how many celebs are donning crochet items? I've noticed a lot of crochet shorts out there, why buy them when you can make them with this free pattern? The other upside to making them is you can make them the length, color and size you want!! I will write out directions for a small adjust them as you go for your size. For example to start  do FDQC until you are from one hip to the other and then add a few extra stitches for the seam. 
To start this pattern is worked int twp pieces the front and back. They will look like undies until we get to the legs

Use crochet hook size J
Use any 4 ply yarn 
1-Start by doing Foundation quadruple crochet 50 2-sc in each stitch for a total of 50

3- make shells (2hdc,ch1,2hdc) across skipping 3 sc in between each shell. 4- do six rows of shells ( skipping 4) …

I love the Chris Cap beanie!!!

Here is my version (I changed it to make it more user friendly) of this pattern by Christine Fabiani Chris Knotted cap If youlike this pattern PLEASE make another and donate it to KNOTS OF LOVE you can find out more information and free hat patterns at the link above!!

Hello everyone!!! After meeting with the author of the original pattern I have decided to take mine down because I love hers sooo much!! Here are some helpful tips when following the original pattern....  When doing a non increase always sc to the left of the post for increases-- sc to the left and the right make sure you use a tape measure to know when to just sc ch1 for the sides Don't give up it works up very fast and people will love your hat!!!

PDF of FREE PATTERN click here