Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The square I didn't make!

Saturday night my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go to Michaels and or Joann's before we watch a movie together.... Generally I would jump at the chance but just this past week  I got a LOVELY shipment from Lion Brand and more yarn would just be distractions! He then said well I want to help you with your granny square inspriation blanket but I will not use a pink hook....
So off to the craft store we week! My first thought was lets get him a Crochet Dude Hook... those are manly right? He went for one of my favorites A soft touch by Clover. ( pattern is at the bottom )

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

off kilter Granny

This Granny was inspired my amazing 7 year old! He was sick all weekend so I made a square in his favorite color!

I used a I hook and Vanna's Choice
in Sapphire

I really like this square and I think it would be a fun one to do 50 rounds or so in for a baby blanket or a lap blanket. 

For those of you that can read Crochet charts you can see my notes on how to create this awesome square!
I am writing this pattern out the way i used to teach it in my classes at Michaels

Black out

So on April 3rd I had no power and I was pretty stressed!
 I made a Basic 4 round dc granny using a J hook and Black Vanna's choice then I did a solid hdc border.

Help me name this square!

With out trying I think I just used all the colors in my bathroom counter!! 

The inspiration behind this square was having no power for the 3 days in less than 9 days!!!!!!!!!! ( thank you power company for not realizing  that my house would be affected by the outage even though your workers had to be in my yard to work on the poles..... okay end rant....  )

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dew on my leggings Granny square

Here is my inspiration for my 2nd square! My leggings were the same shade as dusty rose and I knew they needed to be represented in a square. If you can't tell I really love pinks and these are currently my favorite leggings. It was very damp and I Dew was everywhere so I wanted to get a bit creative with a basic granny square.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Grapes and Vine Granny Square

I used Lion Brands Vanna's Choice in
Olive and Purple
I a size J hook but use any size you prefer

Using purple make a magic circle
Round 1