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How to make a DIY Crochet Circle Vest, Instruction to use your favorite doily pattern and my FREE pattern is included as well

This one drove me crazy until I made several! Anyone else hook in their car? 

This pattern is for advance beginners and beyond
For those that prefer an exact stitch count for every size this in not the pattern for you. I made this pattern last year but didn't put it up because i don't have the yarn budget and whew the time to make this in every size. If you search circle vest patterns on ravelry I am sure you can find paid patterns in any size you want.
I have taught this as a class in a major craft store and many students loved the idea of learning to make something with this level of customization .

Note I instead of just giving you what I did to make my size I am giving you all of my notes so you can make it in your size as well. If you are comfortable reading patterns then this should not be difficult for you however I would not suggest this pattern to be the first written pattern you should try.

Every time I have make this I have used a different 4ply yarn

Red Heart with love- Soft and slightly thicker than other 4 plys for a warmer vest, try subbing out all the tr for dc or use a dc base circle pattern like the one linked below for a warm vest

Caron Simply soft, Lion Brand Pound of love - thinner more lacey

Lion brand homespun is a bulky yarn and perfect for those in cold weather! I had a student make one for her daughter who went to school on the east coast and she loved it!

Other yarns that look great but may not be in every ones budget (I never go yarn shopping without coupons!) are Bernat Moasic, Red Heart Boutique Midnight, Vanna's sequin doubled ( holding two strands as one)

The reason I mention the other yarns is although they may be pricey using them for a special project is worth the cost. Think of how much you would send in the store. And this may not want to be the project you want to splurge on but keep it in mind and treat yourself once and a while to yarn you normally don't use.

Each yarn brand has a different amount... I would recomend getting 2 balls of what every you choose and you most likely will have left overs. With the caron and the with love yarn I bought two color for each and had lots of left over yarn after making a teal and grey in the caron and a brown and iced blue in the with love. I made mine in an xl size

Make a Magic circle

Round 1 - Chain 4, 17 triple crochet in the ring ( if you would like to alter the beginning size of the circle add 2, 4, 6, ect. just add a multiple of two, I don"t recommend starting with more that 26) total of 18
Round 2 - chain 7 ( ch 4 for first triple crochet, plus chain3) skip 1 tc, *tc in next,chain 3* repeat all the way around total of 9 tc and 9 chain 3's (it want to curl a bit here but in round 3 and 4 it straightens out)
Round 3 (a)- chain 4, 2 tc ( all in the same space), skip 3 spaces ( you will only be crocheting into the top of your tc of round 2) ch2, *3 tc, skip 3 spaces, chain 2* repeat total count of 27 tc
Round 4(b)- chain 4, tr in each stitch 3 tc in the chain 2,* tc 3 times, 3 tc in ch 2* repeat for a total of 57 tc
Round 5(c) chain 8, skip 2 tr *tr, chain 4, skip 2* repeat * depending on your starting number your may not have the correct count for skipping two. that is okay just skip one space on your last stitch.
if you want tight stitches use a g, if you want a quicker more open vest use a J or Q
play with it and esp. if you use the larger hook blocking will make a huge difference!
Optional round a variation - try doing this instead on all or a few round a's to spice it up.
ch 4 *2tr, ch2 2tr in chain 4 sp, 1 tr in the next tr*repeat.

for arm holes stop the pattern as soon as the circle reaches your shoulders
then chain 20 to 30 depending you your size
and continue on with the next round of the pattern until you get you the next space
Keep repeating rounds a, b, and c until you have the right circumference

** For those using a doily or other circle pattern ( I am currently making one using this great pattern! ) follow the pattern until your circle is the right circumference, laying down a shirt in the size you want is a great way to see if your circle is the right size see photo below.


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