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Where do you go for inspiration? Do you get it all online? In magazines? In stores?

I wanted to share with you some of my favorites sites to go to for inspiration, I will start with directories with free patterns

If you have read this blog you know I LOVE - soo many patterns for just about anything, you can also find my profile here

 CrochetAtPlay is a newer directory but its is soo huge and it updates weekly which is awesome! if you are a blogger there is a link to submit your patterns

TheYarnBox is another new one that focuses on indie designers and if you are a crochet blogger you can submit your patterns here and make an account!

I also love to look at The Crochet Crowd what he does is soo creative and inspiring! He has LOADS of free patterns and videos! Infact he just announced that he will be filming for REDHEART yarns!! SO wow!

And if you have EVER searched for crochet patterns online I am sure you have heard of who I like think of as Crochet Royalty Teresa …

Marissa's Slouchy

This hat was designed for a beautiful 19 year that is currently battling cancer You can see her Blog right HERE

If you like this design PLEASE consider making one for something you or someone you know who is fighting cancer, take it to a hospital or donate one to a charity like Knots of Love

Supplies :

* if you are making one to donate USE SOFT yarn some charities and hospitals only except certain yarn brands so check first! The reason for this is people going through Chemo have very sensitive skin and you can make the most beautiful hat but its of no use if it hurts them! 2  Brands I use are ( not all charities except) Redheart soft ( NEVER EVER use supersavor) and Caron's simply soft ( most charities love this one)

size J hook or I hook

make a magic circle or chain 3 and join
*I worked this hat in the round and used a stitch marker to join

Round 1 - chain 3, 11 dc
Round 2- 1dc,1FPdc, repeat so there are 12 dcs and 12 FPdcs
Round 3- 2dc, 1 FPdc, repeat 11times * All FPdc shou…

Hearts Throw Pannel 1

If you are done with your Christmas projects get a JUMP on the LOVE holiday with this quick easy throw! You can use only this chart if you like but I will be adding other squares the same size that can be used with this :) My Blanket will have 4 of these panels. Repeat the chart 4 times to make a panel ( why did I decide on 4? that's how many I can get out of 2 balls if you have the budget to go bigger go for it!)
I used a size N crochet hook and Loops and Thread cozy wool yarn ( size 6, feel free to use any brand)

If you have any questions let me know!

HINT : the oval thing is a chain the T with a line is a Double Crochet

EXAMPLE of how to read this chart I will write out the first two rows
to start I chained 27 ( 23 +3 for first dc + 1 for chain 1)

Row 1 dc,chain 1 repeat until the end. * always start and end the row with a dc*
Row2 chain 4 (dc plus ch1)skip one ( the chain of the last row) *dc, chain 1 skip one *repeat3 times dc in the next  3, * chain 1 skip one dc* repeat …

Crochet Chiq made it into the top 98!

Merry Christmas ( almost) Everyone!!! ( Happy Holidays to everyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas) Yesterday I woke up to a very happy email from my awesome AllFreeCrochet  editor Christine!
Not just 1 but 2 of my patterns made it into the top 98 patterns of the year list!!
The Berries in the Snow scarf was a fun one to design because I feel the yarn really spoke to me. I went to Joann's looking for a red and white combo to make a candy cane type hat pattern and WOW I had never seen redheart team spirit in person ( only in adds in crochet magazine's! Crochet Today! is my personal favorite! ) This is the White and Burgundy combo but looks more like a deep red to me. I started playing with it when I got home and thought hmm this would make a pretty Queen Annes Lace Scarf but I have made soo many of that pattern ( one of my go to for gifts!) so I wanted to play with it and make it twist like a potato chip scarf but still keep the lace type pattern. I was thinking peppermi…

Easy simple no shaping stocking ornament


A Sneak Peak at the Boyfriend beanie ( will be released this week)I made a shawl and other projects I have made recently

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I made this Stole pattern (which can be worn like this or off the shoulders)  to wear to the Woman's Christmas party at my church.
This is full of textured yarn and a 4 ply and everytime I wear it I get soo many lovely comments about it!

So we love to crochet and we love the men in our lives.. However most men are not exactly jumping up and down asking us to knit ( why is it that with some no matter how many times you tell them you crochet they still say KNIT) them a sweater... Remember the days of fearing Grandma's handmade crochet... Well here is a pattern I designed with even the manlyist man alive, This hat is far from cute, it is textured, thick ( gotta love practical) and looks good with out it looking too good.

I used Vickie Howell yarn Sheepish and a size I ( J for a larger head) crochet hook
I barley had enough with 1 ball to finish this hat so I recomend getting 2 balls and know you will have plenty left over for another project. You can …

Last round of the Christmas Star

WOW is this post late LOL I thought I would save time by writing all the posts up at once.... HOWEVER some how I set this last post to release on the right day and time next December....................... SO LOL Here you go!!!

For the last round I am showing it in 4 ply

Sl to the next stitch ( you should have 2 spots for stitches before the chain space) work 1 sc in the next 2 stitches, work 3hdc,ch,3hdc in the chain 3 space, work 1 sc in the next 2 spaces ( make sure you don't skip the first space) work an sc decrease in the next 2 stitches , *work 1 sc in the next 2 spaces, work 3hdc,ch3 3hdc in the chain 3, work 1 sc in the next 2 spaces, work an sc decrease in the next 2* repeat 3 more times for a total of five points.

Christmas Mystery Crochet Along day 2

So I some are guess it is a snowflake, sand dollar, star, and I heard " a kick a** lace granny" somewhere...

Here is ROUND 2
in the top of the puff, ch 2 ( counts as 1 hdc) 2dc chain 3,2dc,1 hdc  in the top of the puff, work 1hdc,2dc, ch3, 2dc,1 hdc in the top of each puff.  sl into the top of the first chain two.

Christmas Mystery Crochet Along Day 1 of 3

Is everyone ready for a Crochet Along or CAL???

Okay for this one use what ever yarn and matching hook you want it will look good in tread, 2 ply, 4 ply bulky or fun fur!!!!!

I am using size 10 thread and a 2.7 mm steel hook

There are only 3 rounds, Do you have a guess to what it is based on the first round???

Start with a magic circle or chain 3 and join

pull the yarn up so it's loose and work a puff stitch ( 5 loop) into you circle , ch 2,*puff, chain 2* repeat 3 times until you have a total of 5 puff stitches and 5 chain 2's Slip stitch into the first puff stitch.

That is all for the first round see you back tomorrow night for round two!!! What yarn will you use? Comment below