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Shell Stitch Scarf

Hey Everyone! Here is a simple scarf that looks a lot harder than it actually is!! I didn't use a pattern to make this I just played with the stitch until I had what I wanted. This pattern basically works as a multiple of 4 plus add however many you need to get to the next row.

For example if you wanted your scarf to be 5  double crochet shells across you would do 20 plus 3 more for your first dc in the second row, Totaling  23.

Here is the same type of scarf I just started in brown using a bigger hook (size J) and slightly wider. ( tip if you are a extra curvy chiq chick and want a way to look slimmer, a thicker scarf can do the trick)

Okay so you may be thinking wow thats pretty but ummm what is a shell stitch?? That my chiq friend is an easy one! All it is, is ( 2dc,ch1,2dc) sk4 repeat!

Now lets explain it even more in case what I wrote above looks like another language!
whatever is in the ( ) goes all in the same space. So first you make 2 double crochet then you chain 1 then…