Thursday, September 13, 2012

Abstract Autumn Scarf

I recently lead a mystery crochet along and this was the project I came up with!  I wanted something easy all skill levels could do but also something that wasn't going to be boring!!!

Doesn't this just SCREAM it's fall!!! To me I think it looks like leaves, but with blocking it looks more like flowers depending on your color choices. This is Vanna's choice in terra cotta


1 ball ( i didn't use the whole ball!) of 4 ply yarn  * used Vanna's choice in Terra Cotta*
and size G crochet hook

Scroll down for videos

Beginning motif

Chain 6, join, chain 6 ( in loop made by first ch 6) repeat 4 times for a total of 5 ch6 and 5 sc.

Foundation single crochet (fsc) * scroll down for videos 2 and 4 where you can see how to do fsc* repeat Beginning motif Sl into a close ch 6 loop

from here on out is the abstract part, we will basically be repeating this motif with a fsc in between ( the fsc helps so that the motifs are not on top of each other) as you can see in my picture above in some areas I just ent back and forth but in others i would add and extra motif before going to the next side.. You decide and play around with it. I always view patterns as outlines. If you have any questions feel free to email ( or comment below. 

fsc, repeat motif, sl into a nearby ch 6

Continue until you have 60 motifs or have the length you desire.

This pattern was written about here

*** you can always cut the yarn and weave in your ends if you go too far one way and can't figure out how to get your scarf back on track.  if you like the way this scarf goes back and forth check out my Queen Anne's Lace

Here is a lovely example from viewer  Sandy Branch! 


  1. It does look like leaves!! Great idea!! Love it!!

  2. Very nice, this goes on my list of new, great patterns to try! Thanks.

  3. Very nice, this goes on my list of new, great patterns to try! Thanks.

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  5. Very nice..I love this pattern..Thought I could make a table runner for my Autumn table OR a scarf ....One suggestion though, next time use better lighting when doing a video..I had difficulty seeing especially when demonstrating on how to do a FSC and when doing a SC on the other side of the FSC as seen in the second video. Thanks!

  6. Written instructions with an illustration or two would help. I have to agree with Vicky. I have tried the pattern and ripped it out many times before giving up...maybe I will try again later. Nice concept and very pretty. I was hoping I could create one for my granddaughter for Thanksgiving.

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  8. I was actually relieved to see that others had had problems with this scarf. At first attempt (it seemed easy enough), I too was frustrated that it just didn't seem to work like I thought, but after trying again, I was able to get it going. Yay! Thanks for the cute idea and tutorial :)