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Crochet as a ministry........ Not a pattern post just my thoughts on how crochet and my faith.

I would like to start by saying I know not all of my readers ( Thank you to the 56,000 that have visited this month so far) are christian and I just ask that you not leave any debating posts about faith on this entry. I respect everyone's right to their own beliefs and in no way think one belief is any better than another.

I pray this post touches at least one reader :) 

I have been debating on sharing my thoughts and feelings on this for a few weeks and since Sunday I feel God has been SCREAMING at me to share my thoughts! Some of you maybe thinking WHAT does CROCHET have to do with GOD??

As many of you know I and a certified crochet ( I also teach looming) instructor at a national craft store and I do demonstrations all the time.  

Fairly often someone comes in and asks what I am making or asks for a suggestion for yarn or a pattern, pretty much anything fiber related, some want to sign up for classes and some have been crocheting longer than I have been alive! 

Crochet can be very personal for people and I think many of us ( myself included) have found crochet in a time of need and it has helped us out of dark times. 

I have met women in abusive relationships who used crochet as an escape and then they built the confidence they needed to get out . 

Adult woman who picked it up because they remember their late mothers and Grandmothers did it and it helps them to feel closer.

There are also the people who use it to TOUCH other people's lives, people who donate even one hat, or booties or anything they are able to make.

God ( almost ready to tie it in hehehe thank you for bearing with me) gives all of us gifts and I think many Christians think of gifts as only being preaching, singing, stewardship ect and along those lines... But if you can touch a child with cancer by making a hat are you not doing God's will? if you give the homeless man you see every time you get off the freeway a blanket you made , don't you think you are showing God's love? God wants us to use WHATEVER talents we have to honor him. He wants us to take care of our brothers and sisters and help. 

I talk to at least 1 christian a day at work and when discussing crochet it's very easy to bring up Jesus and talk about charities and even just faith. I have met so many wonderful Christians I never would have met had we not started talking because I was demoing how to do.... broomstick lace,,, chart crochet... loom socks you name it. 

God can use us in way we would never imagine we just need to be open to it. Had you asked me before I started doing demos if I thought I would talk to stranger about God the answer would be no... but it's something that naturally happened with out me really noticing. And for my multicrafts and talented readers it's not just crochet, knitting, or looming that you can use its anything that you are PASSIONATE about. Use that passion, pray and find a way to honor God while doing what you love. God will open doors for you! 

I would Also like to THANK GOD in print for all the success he has blessed me with! I am amazed every time I log into blogger and see how many of you are viewing me out there and how I have readers from all over the world. God has given me a huge blessing and I will Honor him in all that I can do! I will soon be making videos for a nation chemo charity and I am always looking for more ways to do what I can to share his love. 

What are your thought about Crochet,Ministry and Faith? Please share your stories so we can be inspired! 

In the beginning of this post I wrote I have been thinking about writing this a lot but what gave me the final push was my dear talented friend Ann and Christian woman I look forward to getting to know better started a group so they could share their crochet and faith in the same place and it completely inspired me! the group url is in case you want to check it out! 


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