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Loopy Scarf tool!!

I used the longer tool with one 191 gram ball of boucle yarn, For an adult length scarf I recommend using at least this size if not 300 or more!

Loopy Scarf
While walking through Joann's I got all excited when I found this cute tool! I didn't care for the instructions however so I improvised and pulled on my hairpin lace knowledge  This of this like and awesome jumbo hairpin lace scarf
here is a photo of the smaller of the two tools. I am using 4ply red heart with love yarn and a P hook.. the hook size doesn't matter too much I also used a j on a scarf and it came out about the same.

If you can't find this tool it is very easy to cut thin plastic or cardboard in the shape of a hollow half rectangle.

**Step one unravel about 6 feet of yarn ( roll in a ball if you must i laid mine beside me because this scarf takes less than an hour.. your first one may take longer as you get the hang of it but WOW you will be amazed) CThis will be your tail and you will use this to crochet the loops together. make a slip knot and insert the hook in, have the tail yarn hang BEHIND the loop.
**Next wrap the yarn attached to the bag in a figure eight over and over I recommend doing it 8 to 12 times for a full scarf.
**pull the yarn down, pull the hook where your yarn in bunched and grab the tail and make a slip stitch.  make more figure eights and repeat the process!
**** when your tool is full slide off your loops and continue making more. it will feel awkward at first but should be fairly easy after a few tries.when you have the desired length knot and weave in your ends!

Try uisng more than one color or switching colors! Mix textures and use up that novelty yarn that is impossible to crochet! Please share your photos on the CROCHET CHIQ fan page or email me :) I would love to see what you do!

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  1. I tried doing it ages ago following the package instructions and nearly had a brain explosion heheh:-P

    Shall have to have a go with your version..i haven't quite wrapped my head around it yet ..but it seems a good way to use boucle as I detest it but have a big stash of it!

    1. Thats exactly why I came up with this version! It does the same thing they want done with the thread but I feel this is easier faster and you don't have to sew or hunt down thread!

  2. Do you find that the loops come out if you don't sew down the middle of the scarf - like with your sewing machine?


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