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All American Bag cal - how to line your bag

so now you have your bag.... why would you want to line your bag?

Lining helps your bag from stretching and helps it keep it's shape! it is also great for grannys or lacey bags because then you don't have to worry about your stuff falling!

I have wrote a good post about how to line a bag in general here at stitch and unwind I also show how to add a zipper in the link.. however the shape of this bag is not friendly for adding a zipper if you are new to sewing!

All sewing can be done by hand or machine
if sewing by hand this is what you want it to look like... also try to match your thread to your fabric.. I contrasted here so you could see this. 
place your fabric folded or two pieces with the right side ( if it looks good on both sides it doesn't matter) facing the inside on a flat surface. Place your bag on top of that, out line your bag on the fabric and cut. Place a pin every 6 to 8 inches along the edge so it doesn't come apart ( pinning is optional but recommended for beginners) next use you machine or hand sew along the three straight sides. ( not the zig zag top)

Turn your lining right side out and turn you crochet bag inside out sew the lining to the crochet bag. I did the bottom seam first. the one side then the other. you will need to sew the zigzags. 

After your lining is sewn together to your bag.. fold the end square to it meets the square next to it on each side. the bag will bunch and the opening will be smaller. sew the two seams ( where the sides of each square meet the corner square. ) do this for both ends.

Now you are ready for the LAST STEP!!!

How to make the strap

Hold 2 strands together as one

using a slip stitch attach the yarn to the seam where the corner squares meet. 
ch1 work 4 sc to the edge of the bag, *ch1 turn 1 sc in each  * repeat until you have 
50 rows or four. weave in your ends, for pointy tips work decreases for the last 2 rows
turn your bag around and do the exact same thing on the other side. tie the two ends in a knot or bow for your strap! 

Thank you for making this bag with me don't forget to email your photos by july 5th!!

one lucky person will get a amazon giftcard or over $35 dollars in wool balls, custom yarn and popular pricey yarns! 


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