Friday, April 20, 2012

Moon Star Motif

flower, posies or a star? I couldn't decide what it looked like more, all I know is It makes me think of spring and makes me smile!

If you are unfamiliar with the puff stitch please read my how to guide here

I used Loops and Thread Necessities  in Butter and teal/ turquoise and a size J hook.
RedHeart soft or any other 4 ply worsted weight yarn can be used

Start with a magic circle using Butter
Rd 1 Make 1 puff, 1 chain repeat so you have 8 and 8, sl into top of first puff
Rd 2 in each space make 1 puff, chain 2, 1 puff for a total of 16 puffs, sl into top of first puff
It shouldn't look pointy at all yet but like a circle
Rd 3 Make *1puff, chain2, 1 puff, in next stitch make one puff* repeat until the end for a total of 24 puffs.
 It will not look like a circle and may lay funny until the last round now

Here is a close up of the puffs

Switch to Teal attach in any color and be sure to continue crocheting on the right side in the right direction
Round 4  Make a puff, chain 2, make a puff ( do this for every corner), chain 1 make a puff in the next stitch ( do this for every side.  for a total of 32 puffs, slip into the top of the first puff
Round 5 chain 1, 5 sc in each  corner ( 7 if you would like it extra pointy) 3 sc in each side
Last round!!!!!!!!!!  2 sc in the third sc of each corner and one sc in every other stitch!!!

What colors will you use?? Will you make a placemat, a blanket, a hot pad or a scarf? Comment below. Send photos to to be displayed with your name on this blog :)

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  1. Pretty and it's inspired me to start on a new afghan!