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How to do the vertical crocodile stitch

Start by Chaining 3 and Double crocheting into the 3rd chain from the hook like so

Next Chain 1 then DC around the dc you just did, dc a total of 5 times around the first dc post like so
Then 4  dc along the other side
Then chain 2, sc chain 2
The chain 2 and sc count as your last dc in every scale but the last scale of your project.

Next you DC in the center and chain 1
Repeat this process until you have the length you need. On the last scale do 5 dc ch1 and slip in the middle 

Coming soon, flip flops, thread earings and a Dadghan!

Flip flops!!  <---- learn to use this stitch to make or redo old flip flops!
Inner Goddess Headband <--- Learn to make the Inner Goddess Headband


  1. Replies
    1. No, but you can find me on youtube, facebook, pintrest and tipjunkie :)

    2. You can now find me on ravelry, pinterest, twitter, instagram,youtube, googleplus and facebook under the user name CrochetChiq

  2. I have searched for you on YouTube but cannot find the file so maybe it would help others if you would put a link to your videos, etc.


      Is the link to my channel. Every time I do a video for a pot I go go back and link it on that post as well. I have 8 videos on my to do list right now. What would you like to see a video on?

  3. Okay, I feel really stupid (I'm new at crocheting), but when you say to do the "4 dc along the other side", what do you mean? restart in the middle? or go from the previous stitch over to the middle? It's probably really simple and I'm just not getting it, lol. But I really like this stitch so I want to learn to do it right

    1. Never feel stupid!!! LOL I used to half to ask bloggers to explain things to me all the time when I started out!! you keep going to the other side it that makes sense. you are moving counter clock wise.

    2. I still have to ask - about a lot of things.

      This is a fun stitch and I thank you for sharing the horizontal way!!

    3. uh yea....try being a guy lookin for a beanie-beard pattern on craigslist. I thought I was opening at a comedy club, so much laughter followed by homophobic comments. talk about your catholic high school and being left-handed doesnt make it any easier but i got lost too. when or what project is most common for using this vertical crocodile stitch

  4. i would really like to see a video of how to do this stitch, and then how you are sewing it onto the flip flops! thanks!!!

    1. I will be filming my aurora's Shawl this weekend but after that, this will be the next project. Thank you for asking!

    2. oh thank you!!!!! i'll be watching for it! i have my yarn and flip flops ready to go!

  5. I subscribed to your you tube channel. I like the variety of your videos. Keep up the good work.I would like to see this vertical crocodile don where you connect strips together for a shawl though, maybe even in stripes. I'll bet it would be gorgeous!

    1. Thank you soo much! and I have an organic freeform typ piece comming out maybe next month so watch out for it :)

  6. what do you use this vertical crocodile stitch for? is it a scarf or trim on a item?

    1. I've used this stitch for years (it was called something else then) I used it to make doll arms and legs. Once you get the hang of it, it's a really easy and fast stitch.


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