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Flower Face Scrubbie

We want spring already!!! Crochet up a few of these soft flower face scrubbies ( or add a few rounds and have a CHIQ dish cloth!) to brighten up your days and keep your face clean!
made with a size G hook and chaining 2

Lilly's Sugar and Cream Scrubbie Yarn  > less than a ball
* any regular cotton yarn can be used as well

Size H or G crochet hook

Skill Level  is Beginner

Make a magic circle and chain 2
* chaining four and slip stitching can be done instead*
Round 1 Work a total of 10 hdc into the loop, the chain 2 counts as the first hdc
Round 2 Work 2 hdc into each hdc for a total of 20 hdc. Don't join work in the round
Round 3 Work 2hdc in the first stitch, work 1 hdc in the next, repeat for a total of 30 hdc
Round 4 skip 1 stitch and slip stitch then chain 4 ( or 2, 3, how ever big or small you want the "petals" to be)
example of the size using an H crochet hook and chaining 4
            slip stitch into the next stitch and repeat around. slip stitch into the first chain. knot and weave in ends and you are done!

 Thank you for sponsoring the video! Try using different colors in each round for a very bright face scrubbie. What colors will you use comment below!
Find my free patterns and many more at AFC


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Cross Bangle

I wanted to crochet a sideways cross bracelet for some time now but it wasn't until I received this lovely STARDUST( by Red Heart yarn ) that I actually sat down to make it!  This project will fly by you will want to make one for everyone at church :)

Stardust - any color you like I used #1303 Brown * this requires very little yarn, so make a lot!*
E crochet hook

Skill - Advanced Beginner
(* HINT this is basically a vertical row or a shell*)
First stitch***
Ch3, hdc 3rd ch from hook, ch1, 2 hdc ( all in the same space)
Every other one***
*turn, slip stitch until you and in the ch1 space, ch2,1hdc,ch1,2hdc* repeat until you have the length desired, * it should stretch slightly to slide on and off your wrist.. **

suggested lengths _
Woman's s/m ~18 shells
l/xl ~20 shells
Mans~ 23 shells
child~ 11-15 ( 11 fits most five year olds)

sew the 2 ends together and weave in your tail at least 4 inches worth so it will not come undone.

***Add the cross part***

attach the yarn to the sid…

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This is a cute lacy scarf which is extremely quick and easy to make!
I started with a foundation dc here are the instructions in case you need them

 Row 1 - Start with a foundation Dc row of 13 ( if you would like a wider scarf just keep the number odd and you can add as many as you like)

Row 2-turn ch2, 1dc in the first dc, skip 1, 2dc in the next, skip 1, 2 dc in the next,skip 1, 2dc in the next, skip 1 2dc in the next, skip 1, 2dc in the next, skip 1, 2 dc in the last dc of the row

Row 3 until the the last row- turn ch 2, 1 dc in the first, *skip 1, 2dc in the next* repeat until the end of the row.
I added fringe, but this also looks great with a ch3 sl border

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