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crocodile flip flops

Up cycle your old flip flops from last year, you know the ones that are missing beads or gems or ones that are boring!!You can also purchase ones that are meant to be embellished for about $4 at Michaels ares and Crafts stores!

Flip Flops any sizes, 
Size G crochet Hook
Yarn needle

 Yarn -  I used redheart Botique Midnight, feel free to use any 4 ply. If you are going to be wearing these at the beach or to the pool I highly recommend Lilly's Sugar and cream Cotton yarn or any 100% cotton yarn.

To start Please check out my entry on how to do the crocodile stitch vertically
Learn how to make a vertical row of Crocodile Stitches

Start make making one row that fits along the band of the side nnext to you big toe. for size xs I did 6 stitches then make another row with 2 more than the first ( we want so overlaping. Leave very long tails for sewing!

Begin to sew by the heel side of the strap. DON'T sew around the dc's but just grab part of the yarn. Sewing to tightly will misshape your stitches.

repeat this with the next side too and then sew the bottom of your longer row on top of your shorter one and WOW  you have VERY QUICK and VERY EASY flip flops!!!

 Share your photo with ur name/ and website to be posted and Linked on this blog! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

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  1. Good morning!!! So I am working on this project for my flip flops. I don't understand the sewing part. How do I sew (or attach) the yarn to the flip flops?

    1. Good Afternoon!! What I did was left a long tail and placed the scales on top of the flip flop band and sewed them by weaving the yarn under back and forth and going through each side of the scale. How that make sense?

  2. I'm using your pattern for a demo at Michaels. The pictures are on the first post of my new blog, I think they turned out really cute. My daughter is coveting them, but they have to go on display!

  3. I added the completed flip flops to my demo post. Hope you like them.

  4. These look great! I think I will make a pair for my daughter!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. My daughter has been calling her flip flops Man-dles mabey she would like a surprise . I think I can get this done before she GATS off work !


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