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If anyone out there has asthma and allergies you know what I am going through! I am having such a hard time talking with out getting out of breath! So if you are wondering why I haven't made any new videos lately that's why! I did want to share photos of some new locally spun yarn I found yesterday!

The red is for flowers on my display, The white is Mohiar and I am going to try Hand painting it using wilton cake dye

These two were my favorite!!!

already wound a small ball to make flowers!! This one is extremely soft!

This has been all over my facebook feed and I love it! How true is this for you??

I was also prescribed a new inhaler o of course I had to CHIQ it up What do you think? I'm going to add snaps to it to so it will also be harder for little finger to play with it!!


  1. The "crocheting" pictures are so true and the one in your lower right side resembles my "stash" after I've dug in it to find the perfect yarn that I'm sure I have lol! I saw this on fb too. Have a nice weekend.

    1. HAHAH Sharon!! Thank you and have a great weekend too!

  2. I hope your breathing gets better soon! There is nothing worse and scarier than not being able to breathe. The yarn is beautiful.

    1. Thank you soo Much! I thought I replied to this the same day you posted but I guess my "smart" phone didn't post my comment! I am feeling a lot better now :)


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