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Crochet Chiq's 1st ever GIVEAWAY!! Free Yarn, Free Hook!!

And the WINNER IS>>>>>>
HELLO everyone!
What is on your hooks or needles or even looms today?
I have been talking to people in Facebook groups ( the The Crochet Crowd, Bethinx1, and GoodKnitKisses) About what people like and don't like about Giveaways. BTW these groups are awesome! if you want to show off your work, get help, ideas, feedback or meet new friends :)
** I am sorry to limit this which I know sucks but I can only ship to u.s. addresses. I'm sorry I'm a single mom and at this point I can not afford to pay the shipping anywhere else!**
SO it seems people don't want to do it for a pattern... Well MY patterns are ALWAYS free no NEED to do anything but look them up on my blog :)
But how about the yarn to make a project and maybe the hook??
That seems to be the sweet spot.
Find the pattern here
One of my newest patterns uses RedHeart Botique Magical yarn and a size N hook ( PRIZE 1)
OR If this isn't you style
This is the first pattern I ever wrote btw!
I will send you 2 balls of Loops and threads Charisma and a J hook ( PRIZE 2)
OR you can choose this
Wanna try out starbella yarn and make 4 scarfs?
2 Balls or Starbella yarn and a G hook. if following my pattern ( I have a video that AllfreeCrochet was awesome enough to make possible) you can make 4 scarfs with 2 balls!! (PRIZE 3)
and I will send you and extra yummy ball or yarn from a fun etsy shop :) 
If you are new to crochet and really want the item instead of the yarn Just let me know and I will make the item for you  and send you that  :)
SO know you know the 3 cool choices you have as a prize I will tell you how to enter!!
Go to my facebook page Or search Crochet Chiq on Facebook! and like it
Subscribe to my blog and comment on your favorite pattern or post. ( it doesn't have to be one of the ones here) Share (publicly so I can see it) a link to your favorite pattern on my facebook page.  Then You will be entered!!
I will write down all the names and put them in a CROCHET hat and film picking the winner!!! The Giveaway ends July 3rd at 10 I will do the drawling July 4th Happy Birthday USA!! . I will also post the winner's name on Facebook, and on this blog!!! Good Luck!!! What package will you pick if you win? 


  1. I like this one the Chic Flapper inspired hat

  2. Awesome thanks so much for this giveaway. I have shared a link to your pattern on facebook and am a fan. thanks so much for doing this you rock.

  3. I love this idea dear. I am not to be included as I am not in the USA. Just thought I would give my support and say how much I love this idea and your page.

  4. what a nice gift - thanks for the opportunity

  5. I am a follower on here and fb and just shared the twilight shawl.
    I found you from all free crochet and I am sooo glad that I did. Thank you again my new friend~


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