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Giraffe cocoon

1 ball ( each)of Homespun (or 5 bulky yarn) in yellow and in brown
size K hook
notions of some kind, I used wooden beads, buttons also look cute.

This project is started in the round
 With yellow
Make a magic circle
Round 1 - 12 dc into circle and use a yarn marker
Round 2 - 2 dc in each stitch around
Round 3 - 1 dc in each
Round 4 - 2 dc, then 1 dc repeat
Round 5 - 1 dc in each
Round 6 - 2 dc, then 1 dc, 1 dc,  repeat
Round 7 - 1 dc in each
Round 8 - 2 dc, then 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc,  repeat
Round 9 - 2 dc, then 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc, 1 dc repeat
* I quit the increases at this point beut depending on your gaguge and the size you want you may want a few more increase rounds

Round 10- turn 1 dc in each
Round 11-  turn 2 dc in first , 1 dc in rest * repeat until leangth is desired turning and at every round and doing an increase on even round only

Last round - Do an hdc border around the top and down the middle in brown.


* you need to think make bad circles- hehe
Start with a magic circle
5 hdc, turn 3 dc turn 5 hdc join.

Do variations of "bad circles and attach to cocoon

Attach your your buttons or wooden bead to the top on you cocoon where  the larger flap would be able to attatch on top and hook on them in between the stitches.

To make a matching hat follow any basic hat pattern in the size you need and do the first 2 rounds and the last round in brown. Do the others in yellow.
with brown- attach to top of hat slightly off center( once to the left and once to the right)  chain 5, hdc twice
Check out this pattern and more on AllFreeCrochet

* try this same color in white and black for a cow and in red and black for a lady bug! What colors will you use? Comment below!


  1. round 8 is listed twice. How can you have two round 8's? and is it really hdc? 2 hdc then 6 single hdc then repeat?

  2. WOW did the end of that pattern have typos, I am very sorry! I know how fustrating it is when you are trying to complete a project!! I normally catch it but sometimes another set of eyes is needed! Thank you for letting me know. I fixed it above.

    Its all dc except for the hat below. The the 2 dc them 6 singel dc is correct. I put it there to help the flaps over lap as the coccon gets bigger and so it can be used longer :)
    Please let me know if you have any other questions :)

    1. I adore this pattern! I've completed the cocoon part and have a basic hat pattern to follow. I was wondering if you could explain how to do the giraffe ears or if you have a close up picture you could post. I'm a bit confused with the instructions above. Thank you so much!

    2. Thank you, I will check and see if I have any better photos to show you and if not I can make another in the morning and take more photos and post them, Thank you for the kind words and liking my pattern :)

    3. Thank you for replying so quickly! I will watch for your picture. I also wanted to let you know that I made a smaller, fuller version of your lovely chain flower to create a tuft of 'hair' to put between the ears on the hat. So excited to get this done!

  3. Congratulations on being a featured designer on All Free Crochet!

  4. I love this cocoon!! I want to make it for my baby that is due on July but I'm having trouble I have a question for you on what row did you start turning? Was it on row 10? I'm using Baby Bernat yarn it's bulky too a size 6 if you could help me I would appreciate it thanx :)


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