Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Chiq Almost Floppy Hat for Grandma- a crochet almost floppy brimmed hat

Hello Everyone!
For mother's day this year I made my grandma floppy hat that wasn't made from cotton but from soft yarn.
This is my WONDERFUL grandma, she is amazing and loving person! 
If you would like a firmer brim go ahead and use cotton yarn :)


size F and J hook
4 ply yarn - your choice. _ I used redheart soft

with White
Using size J -make a magic circle and use a yarn marker.
R 1- 10 dc in the ring
R 2- 2 dc in each
R 3- 2dc in the first, 1 dc in the next *repeat pattern (2,1)*
R 4-2 dc in the first, 1 dc in the next 3 * repeat pattern (2,1,1,1)
R 5-11 1 dc in each (silp stitch at end of round for a clean seamless color change, I didn't however and just put the Loopy flower over it)
with Black
R 12 - 1 hdc in each stitch
R 13 - 1 dc in each stitch
 With White
R 14 - 1 front post dc around each black dc
R 15 - work 1 front post DC and one dc in each stitch.. [ we do this to increase the brim diameter, for a larger brim repeat this round only do this pattern ( 1 front post dc , 1 dc, 1 front post dc, 1 front post dc, 1 dc)]
R 16 - 1 dc in each
With Black
R 17 - 1 hdc in each
R 18 -chain 3 slip stitch in each stitch
R 19 - chain 3 and slip stitch in each chain 3, fasten off eave in ends

Create a loopy flower in black and attach :)
Loopy flower written directions


  1. Very nice photo and nice hat pattern thank you for sharing, I'll be sure to try this one out.

  2. I'd love to make this for a baby. Any idea how to change the size? Thanks!

  3. Do u think this could also be made in a loom?I am not that good at knitting or crocheting.thanks

  4. This looks so nice, a must have for this grandma