Sunday, February 12, 2012

Frills and Femme Scarf pattern

I will have some better photos up this week :)

How on earth do you make these cute scarfs from Redheart's Sashay yarn?? I've been told you can only KNIT them.... HA HA HA Not that I am anti Kniting, I teach a knitting class everyonce in a while ( When I have to!) but I have more hours invested in crochet so I like to stick with crochet, then looming, then knitting. So I haven't taken photos yet so bare with me they will be up sometime this week.

First what supplies do you need?
1 ball of Sashay yarn ( only 4.99 at Michael's and you can use a coupon).... though some on my students like a longer and or fuller scarf then you need about 1.5 balls.

A size I crochet hook... though I have made them with a J, H or G , I think it looks best with the "I"

Okay that's ALL we need to make these wonderful scarfs!!

Oh and I wrote this pattern I teach that can be taken by people who have NEVER crocheted before, this pattern is easy!!

To start you DON'T make a Slip Knot. First you unwrap the yarn and spread apart the mesh for about 6 or so inches. Always try to keep this much spread out because it's the easiest way to work with it. Now there are 2 different sides to this mesh yarn, you want to insert your hook into the side that dose not have the sparkle/ shimmer trim. Now there is no right way to insert your hook. just stick it in in one of the top holes and chain.

To explain further stick the hook in, the skip 2-4 holes and stick your hook in and pull the 2 hole through the first one. Skipping different amounts of spaces adds to the ruffle appearance.

Chain until you have the length you want it to be, it will be thin and not full but don't worry this scarf is not worked side to side but length wise.

Next turn and Sc into each of your chain stitches again skipping 2-4 holes
This is what it looks like with just a chain. I think it would make a pretty trim this way.

Some people and teens or childern like the thickness of 2, I like to use the whole ball and go one more time

Next Turn and HDC in each Sc.
This is what it looks like after the HDC!

At the end trim and an angle inward and slip stitch in so the tail is hidden.

Here is a video of how to crochet a different scarf with netted yarn

This Pattern is on AFC!!!

100"s of free patterns at AFC


  1. I wondered if you could crochet with this yarn ... I'm a tad confused as to what you did. Close up photos would help me visualise this :)

  2. Check out my How to Video This is for a similar scarf using Starbella yarn. But you can see a close up of where I am crocheting. After the chain is long enough you turn and sc into the top two loops of your chain and repeat for the third row. Does that make more sense?

  3. Did you ever write a pattern for the super cute grey beanie at the top? I love it!!

  4. Do you use a different yarn for the sc and the hdc?