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Chic Phone Clutch

I wanted to make a cute mini case that would my phone and my id, keys and cash... I am so happy with how my Chic Phone clutch came out!

I have a Note 3, which is on the large side of phones so if you want a smaller one just chain less.

1 ball Vannas choice .... I used dark Heather Grey.
 50 yards or so of a contrasting color.
1 zipper which is optional
1/2 a yard of your favorite trim for the handle, I found mine at Joanns and it was only 1.99 a yard. Make sure you pick a sturdy trim.
You also need an I and a F crochet hook.

With your main color,  and I hook loosely chain 16 ( for a smaller phone like an iPhone ) or 20 ( for larger phones like mine or if you want extra room.)

Ch1, sc, ch1, sk 1, sc, ch1 etc... repeat until you are at the end then, sc,ch1,sc,ch1,sc, ch1 and continue the sc,ch1 along the other side of the chain. When you reach the beginning make sure the first ch has 3 sc and 3 ch.

This project is worked in the round from here on out do not join.

Sc around the entire chain from her on out.

Every Round:
Sc around ch, ch1, sc around ch repeat I til your bag is 5 inches tall.

Skip a ch and sl for your last stitch.

Next comes the fun part!

With your contrasting color and F hook make a slip knot and the take it off your hook.
Insert your hook where you would like to start your design then put the slip stitch back on the hook. Your working yarn will be under the bag. You surface slip stitches to design your initials, something abstract or a picture. Here is a few photos of what the inside looks like.

Be careful not to pull up too tightly or it will pull the shape of your bag.
It may take a few tries to get it down, I know I played with several ideas before I decided on doing my initials on the front connected to an abstract design on the back. 
Be sure to knot and weave in your end/ends. You can line your bag at this point if you desire.

Next it's time to add the trim, I attached mine at the bottom corner on the inside so that it was more stable. You can hand sew or use your machine. The last step is to add a zipper! Check out my tutorial on that here! How to line and or add a zipper to you bag


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Cross Bangle

I wanted to crochet a sideways cross bracelet for some time now but it wasn't until I received this lovely STARDUST( by Red Heart yarn ) that I actually sat down to make it!  This project will fly by you will want to make one for everyone at church :)

Stardust - any color you like I used #1303 Brown * this requires very little yarn, so make a lot!*
E crochet hook

Skill - Advanced Beginner
(* HINT this is basically a vertical row or a shell*)
First stitch***
Ch3, hdc 3rd ch from hook, ch1, 2 hdc ( all in the same space)
Every other one***
*turn, slip stitch until you and in the ch1 space, ch2,1hdc,ch1,2hdc* repeat until you have the length desired, * it should stretch slightly to slide on and off your wrist.. **

suggested lengths _
Woman's s/m ~18 shells
l/xl ~20 shells
Mans~ 23 shells
child~ 11-15 ( 11 fits most five year olds)

sew the 2 ends together and weave in your tail at least 4 inches worth so it will not come undone.

***Add the cross part***

attach the yarn to the sid…

Thread Cross Bookmark

I used Aunt Lydia's Crochet thread and a size D hook.

Make a magic circle

Round 1
Ch3, 2dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2 and join.

Sides and top of cross
Ch3 2dc, ch2, dc3 in any ch2 sp. Turn and *sl to ch2, ch3,2dc, ch2,3dc. *Turn and repeat * repeat everything in this step 3 more times. Cut thread and weave in ends at the ends of the sides.

Bottom of the cross
When you get to the last side repeat the * section 2 more times for a total of 4 shells for the bottom and 2 shells for the sides not including the center.

On the top of the cross attach yarn and chain 26, skip the first 5 and sl to the first chain. Then I added a tassel.
If thread isn't your thing check out this great bookmark Stitch 11 made from my Cross Bangle pattern!

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Chiq Shell Shorts

Say the name 10 times fast hahahaha!

I wrote this pattern at the request of AFC Check  them out to see all the other amazing patterns and videos they have!!!

Hello everyone, Have you noticed how many celebs are donning crochet items? I've noticed a lot of crochet shorts out there, why buy them when you can make them with this free pattern? The other upside to making them is you can make them the length, color and size you want!! I will write out directions for a small adjust them as you go for your size. For example to start  do FDQC until you are from one hip to the other and then add a few extra stitches for the seam. 
To start this pattern is worked int twp pieces the front and back. They will look like undies until we get to the legs

Use crochet hook size J
Use any 4 ply yarn 
1-Start by doing Foundation quadruple crochet 50 2-sc in each stitch for a total of 50

3- make shells (2hdc,ch1,2hdc) across skipping 3 sc in between each shell. 4- do six rows of shells ( skipping 4) …