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Chiq Wedding Necklace - updated format

This flower was in the wedding section for only 4.99
How Stunning is this???? Even if you are not getting married this yarn is available in many colors make one or 10!!!

The best part this is basically a chain! WHAT??? Yes I chained RIBBON yarn and made this stunning necklace in about 30 minutes!!

I teach this class as a "lets see if I want to try crochet but I want something cute right now kind of class at Micheal's arts and crafts"

Supplies : any ribbon yarn . There are MANY brands out there , the following is a loops and thread one, but any ribbon yarn will do
Flower or pendent notion, and a crochet hook any size between D to I
Spaces are the huge rectangle gaps at the top

Instead of making a slip knot, just insert your hook into a ladder ( for strength of your work skip the first ladder space, like I did.)

Now go to the next space ( or skip 1 to 2 ) and you will pull it through the first one like you are doing a chain.

It will look odd at first and be twisted, keep going!

This is what skipping 1 space looks like

This is skipping 2 spaces.

YOu necklace will start to look like this as you get more chains.

So you want to crochet in the top part that looks like a ladder....

for this pattern you will chain skipping 1 to 2 spaces in between each chain. I chained roughly 300 or about 5 and a half feet. Then slip stitch into your first chain and cut the ribbon yarn. weave in the end and knot a few times then wrap the necklace into three or two loops as shown and place the flower pin on to secure the three ( or two ) strand necklace.

Do you like this pattern comment below and tell me what you think!

Here is one with 89 cent wedding flowers instead of a pin


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