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A Maleficent Cowl

Lion Brand kindly sent me a ball of their new yarn line Landscapes.  ( THANK YOU LION BRAND, feel free to send yarn anytime hehehehe )
 WOW is it LOVELY the colors are incredibly vibrant and the yarn is extremely soft.  It's an Acrylic yarn but feels more like a soft blend. It come in 6 exciting color ways Apple Orchid ( That is the colorway I used) Tropics, Boardwalk, Sand Dune, Desert Spring and Mountain Range. Each ball is 100grams/3.5 oz (147 yards) and it's a #4 medium weight yarn.  The label says to use a K hook but i wanted to make something using only one ball so I opted for a design that used an H hook.

You can wear this make ways, I like folding mine and and havng the strand in front like a necklace. ***If you like to share photos of you crochet online check out my favorite new app instamag  ( I've seen it in the play store and the app store** 

To make this cowl you need
H hook
1 ball of Landscapes yarn get 2 if you want a wrap around cowl
optional tape measure or ruler

Ch 22 plus 3 ( counts as first dc here and throughout)

Row 1 dc 4th ch from hook, skip 1 ch * 2dcin next ch, skip 1 ch* repeat until the end you should have 11 groups of 2dc
Row 2-18 sl inbetween the 2 dc , ch3 1 dc in between ( see photo, the stitch is literally worked in between the stitches and not in the top loops) *skip to the next 2 dc and work 2 dc in between them* repeat until the end you should have 11 groups of 2dc
Hopefully this helps... please comment below, and let me know if you need help

Row 19 ( loopy row) pull your yarn up so that there is a loop about 7- 8 ( well you can do any length you like, if you do shorter ones just do the more often. for example if I were to do 4 inch ones I would do the pattern stitch above for only 10 rows and then to the loops ) inches now take your hook and yarn back down and SL to the next 2dc, and pull up again to the same length. Repeat this until you have 11 loops. * I found it easy to keep the loops on my arm as i completed the row.*
Row 20 sl around the first loop ( be sure to work you stitches slightly tighter here because it's easy to get loose) ch3 dc, work 2 dc in each of the next 10 loops
Now repeat rows 2-20

* If you are making a double one with 2 or more balls of yarn keep repeating row 2-20
to finish do one row of hdc straight across. with the hdc on the bottom sew the ends together and WOW you will look Magnificent in you Maleficent Cowl!

My inspiration for this cowl was the colorway! The name of it Apple Orchard sealed the deal because it reminded me of my favorite Disney witch. The yarn is very warm and I wanted to find a way to make something that wasn't too warm to wear and would show the lovely colors in many ways.  I hope you enjoy my free pattern as much as I do!

Hook the pattern on Ravelry Here 

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  1. This yarn is beautiful, but I am not able to find it anywhere! When I looked it up, the only thing I could find was that Landscapes had been discontinued years ago and it looked way different... How can we get this yarn???

    1. It was a style they discontinued and recently brought back. On the post above where I list the supplies you can click the link and it will take you directly to the Lion Brand page for this yarn.

  2. You need to show a better picture of the cowl! I get that the yarn is vibrant, but I can't tell if this project is worth the time I'd spend making it.....

  3. Can you supply a better picture of the finished product? I cannot tell what it should look like.

  4. I don't understand row 20. Only sl around the first loop, and 2 dc in each loop? How do you dc in each loop?


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