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Tips for my fellow bloggers out there!

Lets start with...... How do you like the look and feel of my site now?? According to Google Analytics ( no matter what platform you use try this out!) my site has less views however more people are clicking on adds and to bloggers clicking on adds is what helps us to continue to provide for a family while offering free patterns, advice and tips! The site also loads way faster! I loved the old format better however with this being more user friendly I think this is a good idea! I would love to know everyone's opinion, leave a comment below!
I thought it would be fun for me to share a tip every Tuesday from bloggers and a tip every Thursday for crochet ! 
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4 months ago I began meeting with a Life Coach and the topic I choose to focus on is CROCHET CHIQ! My life coach has no arts knowledge at all however she is extremely successful and is a great public speaker.  We meet once a month and she doesn't tell me what to do but asks me questions about what I want for the future and we brainstorm ideas. Through these sessions I started using a google calender ( free online calender that is also linked with my smart phone so I get a reminder there!) to decide what I want done each week. I know there have not been as many post lately here but I have been submitting my stuff like crazy and in the next year you will see crochet chiq stuff on other sites and in print!! When I look at the calender and I have small goals each week it is easier for me to achieve and stick to it! Being a single mom means I get distracted a lot and the calender helps me to not let too many things get in the way of the goals I have! Of course things come up! I was going to write a pattern post on Friday however one of my little ones has been sick and very grumpy so I shifted it to this week to do one night after they are asleep! 
I look at the calender as flexible but having everything written down makes it easier not to keep putting it off! 

What do you do to stay organized?

This blog post came to my email this am about how to organized an editorial calender, it's a great read if you are looking to set one up! Creative Income Blog 


  1. I love your new design...the layout, the color and the fact that it loads faster. Much better user experience. :)

    Have a great day!

    P.S. I made your chiq shell shorts and LOVE them! Thanks for the free pattern.

    1. Thank you so much!!! I am so glad you like the shorts I have found that is a love hate pattern.. I get angry messages about it not being the size needed so i love hearing positive feedback on it :)

  2. I think it looks great and I really enjoy it. love Carol

  3. I couldn't have written this post. I've been thinking of streamlining my blog theme as well. I love the Google calendar reminders. I recommend it to everyone.

    It helps me stay on task and keep my goals in plain site. It is so easy to get distracted so having something tangible like an editorial calendar or even a life/business calendar like Google Cal is awesome.

    1. I love google calendar! I also think it's great because when you look back even if you feel like you didn't get much done you can see everything you did do! I'm excited for you guest post on here next month :)


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