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You do WHAT in public?

Is yarn becoming more popular or am I just noticing it more? I have noticed in my area at least I see people out and about with their wips in tow! ( wips = works in progress) I personally almost always have yarn and a hook with me. hahaha sometimes I use my hook to twirl my hair up and out of my face! My local coffee baristas ask me how my scarves and blog are doing because i think I may crochet there as much as I do at home... WHY? for me i like the change of scenery.
 After teaching a beginning crochet class on Sunday my awesome man surprised me by picking me up and taking me to a new coffee location on the beach! It was super relaxing and I even got some crocheting in! 

Don't worry the sand didn't even stick to the yarn however I bet it would have stuck to a wool blend... so select your fibers carefully! 

CHIQ TIP if you are placing your wips in your purse or laptop bag put it in a ziplock bag to protect it :) it also avoids yarn vomit

After noticing people in my neck of the woods ( Sunny SoCAL) I thought I would ask friends online and fellow blogger if they to liked to stitch while they were out and about!
 Most popular places seem to be
the bus- heck yes! I wish I knew how to crochet in college because I could have gotten a
lot done on the bus and in between classes! 
the doctors ( hopefully not during the exam)
Church--- hmmm I have crocheted at functions and while there occasionally a sermon may go on a tad longer than usual I wouldn't pull out my crochet.. But that's me are there any out there that crochet during service?
Children's activities - I do this too! My oldest was in a musical recently and I was rehearsal mom and back stage mom and I completed a few ami's and scarves while there! It was really cool that I would get a crowd of little boys and little girls wanting to know how I was crocheting an elephant bird! ( we were doing Suessical which is a musical about Dr. Suess books) I also take my crochet to soccer practice! 
I didn't have people just tell me I asked them to show me, so I could show you! 

Photo 1
Look it's Kristen from GoodKnittKisses (  lovely patterns, blog, videos, I teach looming at Michaels and when I want a new pattern I go to her
site! )
  "knitting at a swim party and watching her daughter" . 
Photo 2

"The Crochet Lounge out and about"
WOW crocheting while standing/walking and with a baby! 
Photo 3

"Spinning while my son is in the park"
 ( Mallory writes a fun family themed blog not just about her knitting and spinning but yummy food stuff too!)
I've seen her do this and I am always amazed! Very awesome she can make yarn on the go! 
Photo 4
This doesn't show my face, but this is me knitting at an NHL Hockey game... I live in Calgary Alberta Canada and cheer for the Calgary Flames.  I'm mostly a crocheter, but my grandmother taught me to knit when I was 7... I'm 42 now.
Wow!!! I love this shot! 

Thank you so much ( in order of photos) Kristen, Mikayla, Mallory and Krista for sharing! 

Are you more like to take your project with you now?  Share with us where you crochet. Also please comment and tell us which is your favorite photo and why, that person will when a CHIQ thank you gift in the mail from me!!  


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