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Chiq Chrismas Tree

everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry August hehehehe Have you started making your gifts and decorations yet? If no why not??????? I know I have to start in july or I won't finish!!
I can't take credit alone for this idea, my wonderful coworker ( CERTIFIED Knitting instructor) Diane thought why don't we make a yarn bombed type Christmas tree and this is what we did. Have I mentioned lately I love love love my job!!!

skill level.. easy can ever be done with out crocheting

First lets talk about the supplies you need

I used bernat boucle ( i can only loom with this we both dislike this yarn for knitting and crocheting!) 

A cone, Michaell's and other craft stores have these in many mediums, I like using styrofoam  because when wrapping the yarn there is no need to use glue!!!!!!

I used these pins to start but I recommend using longer ones ( or T pins) , hahaha it was a pain to get these in. 

eyelash yarn to use as garland!!!!!!!! ( my favorite is the loops and thread one)

You also need to make small pom poms in your favorite colors :) the example has red and white plus a HUGE silver one!!!!!!!!!

First you take you boucle  yarn and wrap the cone starting at the bottom to the top and back down making sure you cover it completely.

Next you take the eyelash yarn and wrap it around using pins to keep it in place.
 Christma tree Skirt- If you can't crochet add a doily ( which are available at many craft stores for a few dollars or you can crochet ( sice h or G  hook with 4 ply yarn) one by chaining the circumference of the cone, round 1 - 1 dc in each chain, sl , round 2- 2dc, ch1, 2 dc in the first space , skip 2 repeat. if your counts don't come out right ad a dc or two to get you to the begining. sl and weave in your yarn. 

Then add pom poms we tied bows with the tails, use pins to attach them, or if children will be near by you could sew them on.

here is a close up of my simple skirt.. 


Finally make a HUGE pom pom with the eyelash yarn and attach to the top.


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