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Melody the Monster!

Meet Melody, the friendly Piano playing monster. She sings and plays soft lullaby's to help children sleep instead of hiding under their beds! Pretty impressive since she had no fingers or arms and she always has a smile, even when 2 year old's scream they don't want to go to bed!

Before I share the pattern I would like to share the inspiration behind the bold texture and colors!  Kathleen is a lovely and creative person I have had the pleasure to get to know on ........ FACEBOOK ( I am on here way to much... I could get some much more crochet done if i lost my computer for a week! How about you do you lose crochet time to facebook) She is the creator of Aunty K 's Guyz and they are sooo much fun!! Here is an article about her on favcrafts blog ( don't you LOVE them?) FaveCraftBlog
Can you say wow? which is your favorite?
Kathleen inspired me to create quite a few things but lets start with the pattern for Melody

I worked in the round and did not join , use a yarn marker

First go to your yarn stash and get at least one bulky, one 4 ply, and one novlety. For mine I used 6 different yarns.
 Start with the bulky and change when ever desired

I used a G hook

make a magic circle

Round 1 ~ sc6
Round 2 ~ 2 sc in each (12)
Round 3 A~ ( If you want a rounded base do "a" if you would like a flatter base to "b" B will make a bigger one than a) 2sc, in the first, 1 sc in the next repeat. (18)
Round 3 B ~ 2 sc in each ( total of 24)

******Now If you want a bigger one keep increasing in the same fashion ******

Round 4-10 Or until you want to decrease, make as tall or short as you want) 1 sc in each.
** Don't be afraid to change fibers or experiment!

Round 11 ~ Do one sc decrease, 1 sc, repeat
STUFF and add safety eyes or sew any patches if wanted
Round 12 ~ sc decrease in every stitch until there are only 3 sc left then sew the head closed!

Add hair

Grab and cut strand from all the fibers you used or use a new fiber and attach the hair the same way you attach fringe on the end of a blanket!!

YOU just made a cute friend!!!

Want to see more of AuntyK's guyz?
Love this cute fish!!

Does this inspire you?
You can find more of Kathleen's work on her Etsy Page

I will leave you with what I created from a picture my then 2 year son drew. It is his favorite friend I find it fun to step out of the box every once and a while!
This is his alien with "a not straight face that is smiling with silly stand up hair!"


  1. Wow Mary Mary!! Thanks for the thumbs up and so happy that I am able to reach people and encourage their creativeness. Just get over the fear that there is a wrong way of doing things. Do it your way and you can't go wrong. Right??? Your Melody is a real charmer.......

  2. Thank you AuntyK!!! You are totally right and to quote you the worst that can happen is "you end up with a colorful hotmess"

  3. I had fun doing the crochet-a-long! It helped me to get back into crocheting. Thank you, Mary!

    1. I'm Glad!!!! That is soo awesome to hear!! You are very welcome!


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