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Crochet Easter Egg with compartment!

I haven't written the pattern for the bunny and her carrot yet. 
Why use plastic ones? Go green and make you own reusable ones!!!  Not to mention these are completely adorable!! Mix and match you tops and bottoms with different colors.  Also try using 100% animal fiber yarn and dye them using Easter egg dye after the are crochet to get the full on look!! To dye yarn with Easter egg dye just follow the direction exactly and use 100% animal fiber yarn, this will not work on acrylic yarn

Skill level: 

Supplies needed: 
size D or E crochet hook

4 ply or 3 ply yarn scraps it doesn't take much to make an egg but can you stop at one? My example was made with Caron simply Soft. This is a 4 ply yarn but it is a thinner 4 ply than red heart for example. I also like the durability and softness of this yarn.This yarn is also available in great bright Easter colors anytime of the year!

BPSC = Back Post Single Crochet

Start with a magic circle
Rnd 1ch1, sc 5 times in the circle , don't join use a marker and crochet in the round
Rnd2 1sc in each sc for a total of 5sc
Rnd 3 2sc, 1 sc repeat total of 10 sc
Rnd 4 1 sc in each total of 10 sc
Rnd 5 2sc, 1 sc in the next two, repeat total of 12
Rnd 6 1 sc in each, total of 12 SL into next stitch to even the round
Rnd 7 ch1 bpsc in each stitch (12) sl into first bpsc
Rnd 8 ch1 sc decrease twice , 1 sc in the next 4 sc repeat

You have made your egg bottom go ahead do a happy or hoppy dance :)

The reason we use the back post single crochet here is to help the top nest over the bottom. we will do an increase at the bottom of the top as well otherwise they would over lap and the would just meet. 
Great to hide littlest pet shop, zwinkiees or candy in!
This is a variation using a steal hook and doing hdc on the for the back post stitches

Egg Top

Make a magic circle and do round 1-6 of the egg bottom
Rnd 7 ch1 2sc in, 1 sc in the next 5 repeat.join . total of 14
Rnd 8 ch1 1 sc in each stitch and join weave ends to both egg top and bottom

I've made a bunch of different sizes and shapes of these by playing with the increases and hook and yarn size. If you want a less pointy egg then skip round 2 of both eggs, if you want a bigger and wider egg add an extra increase round or two before the Bpsc. Please comment below on what you will make and share pictures at

Here is an egg closed :)

This pattern is featured on AFC, check them out for other great patterns!


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